Sunday, August 26, 2012

LENS + STORE REVIEW: Geo Berryholic Violet (CM-951) *Sponsored*

Hi everyone,

Hope you're having a nice weekend.  Weekends are too short.  For me anyway.  At least it's long weekend next..haha.

Anways...I'm back with another lens review.  These lenses were kindly sponsored by UNIQSO.  This time, I get to try out the Geo Berryholic Violet.  This sponsor came soon after I put in an order with them during an awesome sale.  They have some pretty sweet deals, and I definitely suggest you go check them out.  Free lenses, free shipping, discounts galore, and alot more.  I took advantage of the deals to snag up a few styles I've been wanting to try for sometime.

First and foremost on my review...since this is the first time I am dealing with Uniqso, I'll share with you my thoughts on their business.

About the store... 
I never just buy from any store straight away.  I usually wait on the reviews and customer feedback before purchasing.  I check out the site, the reviews, facebook pages, and how prompt they are with response times.  I look at selection, return policy, shipping, and of course the kinds of promotions they offer.

Uniqso has all of that.  They have a vast selection of lenses and pretty amazing deals.  With the order I had placed, I got free shipping and 2 free pairs of lenses.  The lenses I wanted to try, I-fairy Moe Moe brown, included free shipping.  I-fairy Keizen blue was on sale, and they offered a free pair of lenses for every 30$ spent.  I spent over 60$.  Pretty fantastic buy I must say...

The site is easy to navigate.  Checkout is also easy.  I made payment through paypal, which is always a breeze.  Response time is very good.  I had emailed them and received a reply within a day.  Shipping took less than two weeks, and packaging is super sweet! 

Uniqso packaging of which I will share with you... 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blush Haul - Thoughts and swatches

I actually purchased these a month or so ago and have been using them since I got them.  I haven't used all of them long enough to really come up with a full review.  But, I do have initial thoughts and swatches to share...

I do have some opinion on quite of few of them already, so my thoughts will go along with the picture...

Clockwise from top:  L.A. Colors Mineral Blush in 'Tickled Pink', Nyx powder blush in 'Cinnamon', Milani Minerals Blush in 'Mai Tai', Nyx powder blush in 'Bourgeois Pig', Forever21 'Love & Beauty'.  
Center:  Nyx powder blush in 'Red'

Thursday, August 9, 2012

LENS REVIEW: GnG/Dueba ML4 Daisy Blue *Sponsored*

Hi everyone,  

Hope you all are enjoying the last bit of summer that's left!   Summer is good.  I love the heat.  I wish it was hot all year round.

Anyhow..I'm back with another lens review.  These lenses were kindly sponsored by the ever so awesome Kiwiberry1-collection.  This time the lenses are blue!   I hardly ever wear blue.  But, I have got a few more blues in my collection lately.  Like I need more, right?