Monday, March 19, 2012

Random Haul + Back to work

Hi everyone,

All winter I've been wanting to buy toques and I finally got around to it, when winter ended.  ha.. I don't know why I waited so long.  Maybe it's because I rarely buy hats in general and can't justify spending 20$ on a hat I will wear seasonally.  Also, I'd rather have more than one. So, in solution to my penny pinching and being greedy dilemma, I bought my toques from the dollar store and I love them! 

You can't go wrong at the Dollarama!  Seriously, it is a giant store.  You can find pretty much anything in there.  I buy my makeup organizers from there and stack them on my desk.  They are perfect and they are only 2$ each.  I know what you're thinking.."2$ at the dollar store, shouldn't it be 1$?"  Honestly, it varies from 2 for 1$ or 2$ for 1.  I've found the same organizers at Grand and Toy for over 10$ each.  How's that for a steal?

Anyhow..I love that store and I figured I'd share what I bought.  So happy looking!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

FOTD: Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

So I joined the band wagon for the St. Patty's FOTD look.  I was inspired by the colours of St. Patrick's day and of course fellow beauty bloggers.

It's nothing crazy or amazing, but it was fun to do and it's fun to share :)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

GIVEAWAY (Circle Lenses): 2 Prizes to be won! [CLOSED]


Hurrah Giveaways!

I had a few extra pairs of lenses I knew I wasn't going to use so rather than letting them sit there, or selling them, I decided to hold a giveaway.

Don't worry, the lenses are brand new and sealed in their vials.  They are plano, so if you need prescription I'm sorry!!  I will definitely hold another lens giveaway in the future that will allow anyone to join. 

Before getting sponsored I bought some pairs and then realized I got sent the same style from the sponsor when I received them.  So I know I won't be using them. I also bought a couple pairs extra specifically for the giveaway.

Sooo, these beautiful gems need someone to fancy them. *v*  Will you be that someone?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

ACEO: Pink hair and blue lace

I drew this on a whim back in the day.  I really like being creative with ACEO drawings, since they are so small and I can do so many without getting bored.  It's almost like an incentive for me to draw more often.  They're small, you don't get bored easily or want to put it away and start another when inspired again, and feels more rewarding when the drawing is completed.  Lol...

Currently working on a quick sketch so I'm hoping to share that soon.

Anyhoo.. the drawing.  Enjoy!

Till next time,

Sunday, March 11, 2012

TAG: 11 Questions

The beautiful Livia  tagged me to do the 11 Questions tag.  I really enjoy reading and getting to know more about the person behind the blog, so I'm very happy to have been tagged, because now I have another reason to share a bit more about me with you.  :)


Thursday, March 8, 2012

REVIEW: e.l.f. 'Tickled Pink' Blush

The first time I swatched this, my first thought was DISLIKE.  I was so disappointed round 1, especially after reading alot of reviews on how great a product this is.  On elf's site it's rated 4.5/5 stars based on 500+ reviews.  So the odds were against me in disliking it.  But for me, the first swatch on my arm showed almost nothing, 2 swatches was still too subtle.  I immediately stored this and didn't start using it till months later, and now I use it daily...

e.l.f. Blush in 'Tickled Pink'

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

WINNER: New Goal SPRING Giveaway!

I hit my mark today and quickly went on to draw the winner.

Big congrats to Sally t. le from ^^

If you haven't checked out her blog I highly recommend you do so :).
I discovered her through soompi and quickly followed!  She does great reviews and of course, takes amazing photos.  She is a real sweet, nice, gal too!

Congratulations again Sally!
Please send me your contact info.  You can send it through my contact page in the tabs above :)


If you haven't won, don't fret..I am still gonna do more giveaways..soon to come.  Stay tuned!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspired FOTD: KPop CL (2NE1)

Wahhh..I'm so tired.  T_T.  It's late, almost midnight.  Don't you love how I start my intro with a big whine?  I'm such a baby.  I'm wearing a fleece blanket around my shoulders with Garfield printed all over it, because I'm always cold.  Seriously.

I'm just counting the entries for my giveaway that's ending at the 300 follower mark.  Please enter before it's too late, lol.  (SEE SIDEBAR) If you're follower 301, no dice.  MARK HIT!!  But I love you for following, I love my followers.  I'm not drunk, I'm tired.  And, because of the super long wait and cause my blog is uber slow at gaining followers..I'm throwing in some more goodies, but don't tell anyone (cause I already have) lol.

AnyHOW.  To the better part of it.. the inspired look.

I was inspired by URHAPPYBUNNIE who was inspired by Jen from FrmHeadtoToe.  Both did kick my ass in the makeup skillzz department.  For someone like me who knows how to draw, I should really get a back hand with what I do to my face.  I smudged everywhere..just take a look.

 Some closeups and artsy effect...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

LENS REVIEW: Hana SpEye Twist Green (CN23) *Sponsored*

As promised, here is another lens review.  Yayyy for lens reviews!

These beauties were kindly sponsored by
If you shop there, you can receive a 15% discount with code use 'pretty-peepers'.
You can find the lenses I'm about to review here.


Thursday, March 1, 2012

February Favourites

I know it's already March 1st, but February is usually the month of happenings.  Especially with all the birthdays and Valentine's day.  I just wanted to share a few favourite pics that I took during the month of February that weren't shared in my previous Feb. postings!

Enjoy!  :)