Sunday, January 22, 2012

LENS REVIEW: Geo Nudy Brown


I'm eating my favourite ice cream while typing this.  Cookies 'n' Cream ... :9.  So yummy.

Just gonna share a review on one of my favourite circle lenses..Geo Nudy Brown.

This is actually my 2nd pair opened.  Not too long after my first pair expired, I ordered 2 more pairs from when she was holding her Geo Pre-order.   I snagged me some deals :). 

She has plano instock on her site for only 20$.  Can be purchased here.

Monday, January 16, 2012

REVIEW: NYX Brow Pencil in 'Charcoal'

Quick post on NYX eyebrow pencil before bed...

I love this pencil.  I've been using this everyday for the last year or so.  I buy mine from Pacific Mall for just under 10 bucks a pop (still on the pricey side).  One will last me approximately 4 months.  I usually stock up on 2 or 3 when I go, since I live pretty far.

The colour I use is 'Charcoal EB07'.  But, I believe the 'B' should be a 'P' (as noted on their site)...perhaps a typo?  Anyways, when I bought two, one pencil had 'B' and the other 'P' and they were both the same colour.

The charcoal colour gave the most natural result.  Black was too harsh and bold, and the Brown's just looked wrong.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

ACEO: Jen from frmheadtotoe

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my latest ACEO drawing.  It's of Jen from frmheadtotoe.  She is one of my favourite beauty bloggers.   She is absolutely gorgeous.  What I love about her most is her personality.  Her videos always seem so genuine and she always seems so warm and sweet.   Also, she's very interactive with her fans.  I had a fun time drawing this, it took about an hour or two to do. 

 Let me know what you think!
*The reference photo is sourced off her blog.
Mixed media art:  Graphite pencils, staetdler markers, fine point pen.


Thursday, January 12, 2012

Test..please read if possible and comment below.

I'm trying to redirect my old blog name ( to my new one (  Please let me know if you are receiving my updates after this post.  If you aren't after this date, and want to continue to follow..please do me a huge favour and resub to see if that will correct this issue.  I've lost lots of traffic and I'm truly sorry to many of my followers who have not been getting my post updates.  Thank you for your continued support.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LENS REVIEW: I-Lux Innova Calaview 2-tone Hazel

Hi everyone,

Been meaning to do this review for awhile, but wanted to get the other posts up first :)

I got these lenses from Pacific mall awhile ago, probably almost a year ago.. I didn't open them because I don't want to have too many lenses open at the same time.  I already have about 12 or so pairs open.. O.o

I got these lenses because they strike resemblance to the Geo Nudy Brown's, in terms of pattern.  Except, Calaview's lens colour is slightly different and the limbal ring is bolder, yet a warmer colour.  The result though, on the eye is much more different than expected.  I actually prefer the Geo lenses to the Calaview lenses..I will explain this in the next lens review, which you guessed Geo Nudy Brown.


Sunday, January 8, 2012

REVIEW: N.Y.C. Lipstick in 'Pink Sand'


Back with a quick Lipstick review.

Just a note..I'm reviewing this lipstick for colour mainly. 

I bought this at a warehouse sale this past fall.  This was during my search for a MLBB (My lips but better) lipstick.  I'm not all for dramatic changes, since my daily makeup routine is pretty basic and natural looking.  Also, I've always thought my lips were a tad pigmented on the outside, that faded inward (too much caffeine, not enough water perhaps).  My skin tone is olive with a pretty well noted yellow undertone, and most pink-nude lipsticks don't look that great on me.

I picked this up because it was only .50 cents!  There was a bin of them.  If I didn't like it, I wouldn't have been disappointed 'cause I would only be out two quarters, lol.   Little did I know, this is pretty much the of yet.  The most ironic part is, that this lipstick is DISCONTINUED.  ;_; 

My thoughts on the colour:
At first I thought it was too dark, too pink, but not dark or pink enough to deter me from buying it.  I also wasn't allowed to swatch it.  However, on the lips it's a lighter nude-pink and much more natural.  The opacity is semi-opaque (buildable for more coverage) with a nice gloss finish.  Not super shiny, but just enough.  There is also no shimmer (which I really like).

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas and Boxing Week Snippets...

I hope everyone enjoyed their first day back at work...-.-...haha..

Don't worry though as I'm sure we all feel the same.  And to those with an extended vacay, I envy you.

I was reading some articles, and today is supposedly the saddest day of the year.  I wonder why..hmmm?  Ya think?

Anyhow, I'm pretty sure many of you enjoyed your time off with family and friends.  I sure did.  My 'rents came into town and stayed for about a week, and everyday was up-and-out.  I finally got down time alone come Friday.  This gave me a chance to really, just unwind...and upload photos!  :)

This Christmas was more about spending time with family, rather than spending money and worrying about what to get who.  I did both, however, because I like giving gifts.  I got a few awesome gifts from family this year..and a few for and from myself.

Here are just a few snippets of the ones I really like, plus a mention of some others...

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their first day of 2012!  Mine is super relaxing..finally.  New Years eve was sweet and sound.  My boyfriend and I went out to eat at Milestones and then went back home.  We stayed in and waited till midnight before conking out! 

Just sharing a few photos of our yummy night!  If you decide to go to Milestones I suggest having the Pesto chicken yummy.  A bit greasy but still good.  It took me three whole sittings to eat it all.  The garlic bread that comes with it is really nice too!  It's toasted and crisp on the outside, warm and soft inside, and looks like a slice of cake :)