Friday, November 9, 2012

REVIEW: Nars Taj Mahal Blush

NARS Taj Mahal Blush is burnt orange blush with golden shimmer.  It is highly pigmented and silky to the touch.  This blush is very easy to blend and very little goes a long way.  This blush is great for giving a sunkissed healthy glow.  This has got to be my most favourited blush!




Sorry for the extreeeeeeme close-up.  I hope I didn't frighten you.

Colour:  5/5 - I love this colour.  The first time I got this I was a little taken aback.  But once worn, I knew I had to have this as a staple in my makeup.  It gives a healthy glow that my pink blushes just can't do.  The pink blushes give me a flush but not so much as 'glowing'.  I love that I only need minimal amount to liven up my face :) I have even looked for a dupe with little luck.  Other orange blushes just cannot duplicate the warm 'glow' this blush delivers.  I am still on the lookout stay tuned.

Ease of Application:  5/5 - Very easy to apply and blend.  I am actually quite careful I don't get too much product on the brush.

Pigmentation: 5/5 - Incredibly Pigmented.

Wear Length: 4/5 - Can go on for about 5-6 hours without touchups. 

Price: 4/5 - I paid around 30$ CAD.  But I would happily purchase this again as I know this will last a long time.

Overall:  5/5 - I absolutely love this blush.

Have you tried Nars Taj Mahal or any orange blushes?  What are your thoughts?

Thanks for reading!


Nikki said...

ugh omg im SO in love with orange blush it looks SO good on you <3
I've also been wanting Nars Exhibit A. i think it'd be crazy gorgeous and over the top.
I'm always skeptical about dropping 30 on a blush but seeing how amazing it is i might consider it

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

You look great with orange tone blushes! I can't pull it off :P But yeah you can't go wrong with NARS blushes!

sally t. le said...

My favorite blush is orange! I'm currently using Revlon's Matte Blushes and they are so good. I have all colors which shows how much I love them. Orange blushes is just really versatile which I love.

- Sally

lorena said...

I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate

Nana said...

The blush looks so nice! : D I love the orange tone!

KT said...

I've never tried any NARS products before, but I've been super curious about their blushes for a number of years now! Despite this one being orange, it looks SO natural!!! :O The color is super pretty too omggg I want to try it! >w<

Maryam Maquillage said...

Nars makes my favorite blushes, but I don't own this one, so this review is greatly appreciated :)) Taj Mahal looks great on you and now I want it tooooooo :))

Sara said...

I think you should so get it! I honestly think it'll be stunning on you :) You're welcome and thanks for the feedback.

Sara said...

It's such a great blush :) It gives such a healthy glow so I totally recommend you get it :)

Sara said...

Thanks Nana :)

Sara said...

You never know..I would suggest to go swatch it and see how you like it. I was so scared of this color at first but now I have to have it in my collection :) Thank you :)

Sara said...

Definitely. It is a bit pricey but a little goes a long way :)

Missy Wengie said...

look so pretty...i want one too

xoxo Wengie

Shahara Perez said...

Wow it suits your color! thought it's a bit pricey! But what the heck, it looks like it's worth the price lol =))


Shari said...

Looks great!! :)
I really wanna pick up this color. You think it'll look good on an NC35? Or is it for darker skintones?

robin said...

thanks for share.