Sunday, September 30, 2012

REVIEW: Vichy AERATEINT Pure Foundation

Vichy AERATEINT Pure Foundation is great if you're like me; someone who has sensitive skin, is acne-prone, and is oily/combination skin.  The foundation is very fluid, but not runny.  It's very easy to blend and a little goes a long way.  A dime size amount will cover my whole face.  However, I might use some more or less given the condition my skin is in.  One bottle will last me more than 6 months with daily use. 

What I really like is that the foundation is Paraben free.  It's also feels very light and has medium coverage that is buildable.  It lasts (for me) probably 4 hours without having to touch up.  But, note I have pretty oily skin to begin with.  It lasts a little longer when set with powder, about 6 hours.  The overall finish is fresh faced, dewy.  I would recommend setting it with powder..but that's just me.  I love that I never break out with this foundation.

The bottle comes with a pump dispenser and a cap cover which is awesome.  The pump is great to keep things sanitary.  However, product will streak on to the cap when you close it.  The cap is really secure when closed.

Every now and then I generally shake the bottle as it tends to separate.  Not like oil separation, but there are noticeable white streaks.

The bottle costs about 28$ CAD and you can buy it at most Shoppers Drugmart's.  Although it leans a bit more on the pricey side, I say it is well worth it.  This foundation lasts for months and is cheaper than higher end foundations.

If you do decide to purchase it, test the colour first.  The colour shown on the box is way off!


Don't mind my finger...I was trying to show how much pressure is needed to close the cap >.<

Very fluid but not runny.

BEFORE AND AFTER:  I am not wearing anything else other than lotion...


Great for sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin
Moderate coverage and buildable
Decent price
Natural finish
Product lasts a long time
Easy to blend
Minimum amount needed for good coverage
Could use more staying power

Would I repurchase?  Absolutely.  However, I'm testing out other brands to see what else I can use :) 


Jackyohhhhh said...

This sounds like a really nice foundation. I've never seen this brand in America though. Its 28$ and in a drugstore?Holy poop! The most expensive foundation I've seen in a drugstore is about...15$. I've been playing with testing out new foundations lately too. I just purchased 2 from Revlon that I really rather like.I have too much foundation right now..

Janet said...

I have heards so much about vichy's skincare line but have not known that they do carry foundation too! This look super nice as I too have acne prone and sensitive skin! I do hope I can find this somewhere...Thanks for sharing ^_~

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Wow the foundation sounds really nice! The staying power doesn't seem like a huge problem, you can just set it with powder I guess. But I find it kinda weird it separates so quickly. xD

Jia-lin Ng said...

looks real natural with skin like finish. I've heard a lot about their bases and how they really wear well. Haven't tried much though, I've tried some skin care from them but it's not very effective in my opinion and experience.

Sara said...

Thanks Jacky :) It is. Shoppers drugmart usually carries higher end brands like urban decay, smashbox, etc., and Vichy is one of them. I like Vichy but find that I need to switch up brands every now and then as my skin adapts :( .. I'm looking for a cheaper alternative and I'm trying Maybelline right far looking up :) *knocks on wood*

Sara said...

No problem :) Thanks Janet!

Sara said...

Yea same...I shake it vigorously as the streaks are almost impossible to blend out. But, even if they're there the product comes out looking fine. Could be I'm just crazy?

Sara said...

I hear you. I've tried their Normaderm in my teens and it didn't seem to work for me. However, I've used their 3in1 makeup remover and it works really well. Their makeup line is great though.

Yuki said...

wow, I don't think any foundation has ever lasted me 6 months :o
I guess I apply a thicker layer than most of people tho >w<;
Anyway, it looks very nice and natural on you! :) said...

Oooh I've heard so many great things about Vichy products and I'm so tempted to try this (or the concealer) out! I love how their products cater for oily/combination skin! x

Nikki said...

ahh this looks like such a nice light foundation! i have dry skin i want to use this, fantastic review <3

Sara said...

THanks Yuki :) Love ur blog. This foundation will probably last you more than six months ;)

Sara said...

Ditto : ) I'm curious to try their other foundation that caters to more acne prone skin :)

Sara said...

Hi Nikki :) I dunno if this works well with dry skin, but you never know! Lemme know how it goes if you ever do decide to try it :)

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

ohh vichy has a liquid foundation out! It looked really interesting, looked like it had done a great job with just one layer! shame there's no vichy in Japan lol.