Tuesday, September 18, 2012

LENS REVIEW: EOS G210 Extravaganza 2-tone Green *Sponsored*

I was supposed to post this review at the start of the month but I'm a little late.  Should be more prompt so I apologize...

These lenses were kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry1-collection.com. I must say, these lenses are a bit too intense for my taste.  They are fairly bold and unnatural.  But they are great for the upcoming 'holiday' or 'yearly event' as we know of as Halloween...

EOS G210 Extravaganza 2-tone Green

COLOUR & DESIGN: ★★1/2/5
I guess I rated the design on personal preference.  If it weren't for that, I'd probably give it 3/5 as it is more interesting than your average circle lens.  The outer ring is fairly thick and jagged and so is the ring at the pupil hole.  The green of the lens is semi-opaque but when worn, turns to a darker green.  My eyes are dark brown..but I think this would look superb on someone who has blue, green, or grey eyes.  The design is definitely interesting and I imagine would be a conversation starter ;).  

Really good enlargement.  Definitely noticeable.
COMFORT:  ★★★1/2/5
Very comfortable :)  Cannot complain on these.  Most EOS lenses are comfortable on me. 


Not natural at all.  The lens is very noticeable and kind of reminds me of a lizard like eye.  I think these would be great on someone who is going out for Halloween or Cosplay.  Or, if someone just wants to stand out on a daily basis. 

** Please do not use without permission.  With the exception to Kiwiberry1-collection.com






Good enlargement
Dramatic lens:  Well suited for Cosplay, Halloween, or any event you like, really...
Striking, yet not scary
Yearly lens for only 20$
Needs more makeup to balance out
Not natural

Lenses can be purchased here
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Thank you Kiwiberry1!

Till next time, 


Janet said...

gorgeous green..you look really lovely on them ^_~

THT Christina said...

Pretty color~ Reminds me slightly of the angel series!

Katherine Tealeaf said...

Lenses always look gorgeous on you. The green is such a gorgeous colour, kind of jade!

Jackyohhhhh said...

You look really pretty in these, but I get what you're saying about them being really unnatural. They remind me so so much of my fynale honoo green lenses and I seriously never wear those. I think i dislike them so much because there is no blending inward into the natural eye color so one just ends up looking like they have an incredibly large jagged pupil.

Sara said...

THank you Janet :))

Sara said...

Absolutely! It was one of the first lenses I thought of when wearing these. They remind me of Geo Angel Green.

Sara said...

Thanks Katherine :) How have you been doing?

Sara said...

I hear you. I've never tried any of the honoo series.. The good thing about these is that if you have dark brown eyes at least the large pupil hole isn't extremely noticeable. I mean, you would just look like you have dilated pupils...allllll the time. Thanks Jacky :)

Nic Nic from Bangbangsheshoots said...

you pull off vivid coloured lenses really well! looks great you!