Saturday, March 3, 2012

LENS REVIEW: Hana SpEye Twist Green (CN23) *Sponsored*

As promised, here is another lens review.  Yayyy for lens reviews!

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Hana SpEye Twist Green (CN23) Review:

The overall colour and design is really pretty.  Off the eye the pattern is of a twisting motion (hence the name), but when worn it reminds me of a rose.  The pattern consists of dark gray lines cross hatching light green.  The overall result is a nice dark green colour (on my eyes).  Even though the lens consists of bright green colour, the dark gray is more dominant, resulting in a nice natural, almost muted green.  The outer limbal ring is a dashed pattern which gives the lens a softer and more natural look. 

Even though the lens is listed as 14.5 mm, it doesn't enlarge that much.  I would say the effect is more 14.0 or 14.2 mm.  I think this could be due to the fact that the limbal ring is of a dashed pattern and is fairly thin.

COMFORT:  ★★★★☆
These lenses are pretty comfortable. I was a bit nervous at first that these would be as bad as the A37 Hazel lenses, but I think it was just that specific pair.  The water content of these is 45%, so that's pretty high.  I really liked how comfortable these are.

Pretty natural looking overall.  These are not strikingly obvious and don't give a sticker like effect.  Obviously the pattern isn't that of a real iris, but the overall effect is really pretty and eye catching, that's if you were to stand talking distance.  These would be suitable for daytime as you don't need much makeup to balance them out.

** Please do not use without permission.  With the exception to 
 Full face day shot without flash.




Lenses are a little more noticeable in flash
settings.  The green shows up more but is 
still pretty natural looking :) 


Pretty Natural looking
Very pretty pattern
Good enlargement
 Doesn't need too much makeup to balance lenses out
High water content
Yearly lenses for only 20$/pair

Not that vibrant


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Thank you Kiwiberry1 for these lovely lenses :)

Till next time...


L e n a said...

great review, Sara :)
this one is very interesting! it is quite natural thanks to the spike outer rims but very artificial at the same time.
i like that the color is subtle, too. it is almost like grey!

Nana said...

These lenses looks vvery cool! :D  

Sally Le said...

I love how it makes your eyes look so sparkly!
Thanks for the review. I think I will consider these as they aren't so enlarging ^_^ maybe in brown or grey if they have those..

mymini bag said...

Love this color lens on you. I actually like the subtle look.
Love Kiwiverry too. They have one of the best contact lenses.

vanessajhoy said...

you look so pretty here sara!!!! your hair looks beautiful in the first pic! i love it!

Sarah Dourand said...

Your lashes are so nice, what mascara do you use? They really have a curl :)

Sara said...

Thank you.  Great way of putting it.."artificial and natural".  :)

Sara said...

 Thank you Nana :)

Sara said...

 Thank you Sally :)  Hmm..they only have it in blue and green :S  I would love to see glamours on you though :)

Sara said...

 Thank you :)  Kiwiberry1 is awesome.   I too love natural lenses..but I always love looking at vibrant crazy ones!

Sara said...

 Thank you Vanessa!  xx  You should start doing more lens reviews too!  I love your reviews :)

Sara said...

 Thank you Sarah :)  I use Maybelline stiletto lash.  I made a post about it :)   Nice Mascara overall.

Isabel said...

Honestly, I prefer more natural designs (no weird spirals/super thick rims/stars etc) but this isn't that bad.. =)

Sara said...

 Touche :)  I also really like super natural designs.  I really love my Adores

Maryam Maquillage said...

great review and you have beautiful eyes :))

Sara said...

 Thank you Maryam xx.  So do you!