Monday, March 5, 2012

Inspired FOTD: KPop CL (2NE1)

Wahhh..I'm so tired.  T_T.  It's late, almost midnight.  Don't you love how I start my intro with a big whine?  I'm such a baby.  I'm wearing a fleece blanket around my shoulders with Garfield printed all over it, because I'm always cold.  Seriously.

I'm just counting the entries for my giveaway that's ending at the 300 follower mark.  Please enter before it's too late, lol.  (SEE SIDEBAR) If you're follower 301, no dice.  MARK HIT!!  But I love you for following, I love my followers.  I'm not drunk, I'm tired.  And, because of the super long wait and cause my blog is uber slow at gaining followers..I'm throwing in some more goodies, but don't tell anyone (cause I already have) lol.

AnyHOW.  To the better part of it.. the inspired look.

I was inspired by URHAPPYBUNNIE who was inspired by Jen from FrmHeadtoToe.  Both did kick my ass in the makeup skillzz department.  For someone like me who knows how to draw, I should really get a back hand with what I do to my face.  I smudged everywhere..just take a look.

 Some closeups and artsy effect...

 Screen shot of CL - *sourced from*

Full Face: 
 I honestly think my eyes look ginormous and unsuited to this look.
What do you think??  Honestly..I look bug eyed!!!

Annabelle Kohl Eyeliner in Black
Elf Shimmer Eyeliner in  Gun Metal
Elf Quad Eyeshadow in Drama
Maybelline Color Tattoo Eyeshadow in Bold Gold
Elf Blush in Tickled Pink
NYC Lipstick in Peach Ice (layer one)
Elf Lipstick in Seductive (layer two)

Lenses from Kiwiberry1.  Can be purchased here.  Full review here.
Receive a 15% Discount at with code:  pretty-peepers

Have you tried an intense cat eye look?  
Let me know your thoughts!  :)

I'm going to sleeeeeep now!  G'night!


Nana said...

You did a very similar look! Nice! : D 

katie said...

Holy cowwww you look hot!! I actually think you did a phenomenal job! :D now I want to try this look too weeee~ I'm not used to using such dark colors on my lower lash line though, so this would be a huge challenge for me :x damn my watery eyes! ;(( -cough- thanks for taking the time to do this look, you really do pull it off well I think o^___^o

Lorina Scott said...

You did a pretty good job :3 I only think it's a little extreme  cause CL has small eyes so this look helps make her eyes bigger, where as you've already got big, almond eyes! Love the choice of lenses for this look and the lips too! <3

Sally Le said...

I don't think you look bug-eyed. It looks really pretty and the circle lenses just completes it.
The whole look in general is very dramatic and in pictures I feel like your pictures are more dramatic than Jen's, but it's nice that you don't have to put as much eyeliner ^_^

Sara said...

^^ Thanks Sally.   Thank goodness for circle lenses, lol.  Without them I don't know how I would have balanced it out.  I put alot of eyeliner on, lol.  It's just the liner went into hidinnggg.. -.-

Sara said...

 Thanks Lorina.  The lips did turn out pretty nice :) :x.  Definitely extreme..I think I will try a different smokey and blended better.

Sara said...

 Thanks Nana.  You're always leaving sweet comments :)

Ke C. said...

adorable! love the photos, they look so elegant and beautiful!


Sara said...

 Thank you ^^ Too bad blogger screws up the image quality :(

L e n a said...

honestly Sara, i prefer your look so much more than the"inspiration"!!
awesome awesome look.
i wanna try this look for myself. :)

Chantal said...

<333333  I can't even deal with how amazing your rendition of this look is. Hrrrngh. It's, like, perfect. ; _ ;

Love the touch of gold under the inner half or so of the lower eyelid.  And i like how the liner along the lower lid tapers into that grey (the Gunmetal, yes) at eh tip.

You sorta' enlivened CLs version, in a way.  And yeah-- it's crazy-enlarging on your eyes, which I think are already gorgeous and big, but I don't think you look bug-eyed or anything. Haha.

Sara said...

 Aww thanks Lena!  I never would think it's better :S.  I wanted sharper lines and failed at it lol.  Definitely try it out!  I would love to see!

Sara said...

 <3333333! to you too!  thanks lol..I thought my eyes looked just too big.  Almost like my features are too big for my head..and my head is already pretty big.   Colour is definitely a good thing in this piece.  I think I should just try newer more daring colours instead of mainly black.  Thanks nox xx

Pinkbuble said...

I want to try this look as well!!

Sara said...

 Do iiit!  :D  I'd love to see. 

Stacey I TheMakeupEdition said...

I think your interpretation of this look is awesome! You pull off the cat-eye very well. And I really like the pop of gold on you lower lash line, it lifts your eyes even more! 

Sara said...

Thanks Stacey :)  

Margaret said...

Wow you did a great job ! I want to try this now too, mm CL is just too fierce.

Lemme just say, that your eyes are like gorgeoussssss. Omg very jealous haha !

Rinny said...

This is a really pretty look! I think you did a great job recreating it and I think it looks amazing on you, especially with the lenses. You look very pretty!

Love your pictures and posts btw; I'm your newest follower :)

Sara said...

 Thank you Rinny!  Thanks for the support also, means alot to me

xx Sara.

Sara said...

 Thanks Margaret.  You should try it!  I'd love to see and she is fierce.  Love her in your face and daring looks :)

JoanneCuaycong said...

Thanks so much for mentioning me dear! :) And you did a great job!  love it!

Sara said...

 Thanks dollface ..glad to see you back.  missed you :)