Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Photos at my Fave Chi-town restaurant 'XElua'

If you're ever in Chi-town in Toronto and are hungry for some cheap Vietnamese food, I personally would recommend 'xElua'.  I honestly don't know how to pronounce it, so I just call it 'Train', because there's a picture of a train behind the words.  It's funny because whenever I mention 'Train', people know what I'm talking about.  It's located right beside Chinatown center on Spadina about a block south of Dundas.

This place is pretty good in terms of price.  I get a pretty big bowl of curry chicken with vermicelli noodles for 7 bucks.   Our bill is usually under thirty dollars for 2 appetizers, 2 dishes, and 2 drinks, and with tip.  Not bad huh?  The portion sizes are pretty big itself.  The pho here is pretty good, but it isn't my first choice on the menu.  You can choose bowl sizes for the pho and the large is a giant serving bowl (think salad mixing bowl size).  If you imagined it, it's massive!  I've never ordered it but I'm always astounded at how big the bowl is when it rolls by.

Just a forewarn, don't go here because of the service.  Go here for the food.  I mean, the service isn't bad, they aren't rude or anything, but they aren't looking for your approval.  The food does it for them :9.  They aren't gonna come back and ask 'is everything ok?'.  It doesn't really bother me, because I go, I order, food comes pretty quickly, I eat, I pay, I leave full and happy. That's why I always go back. I've been going here for years and apparently when I was a kid, my rents would bring the fam here.

The food is also pretty greasy, I think that's why it's so good.  If you want not-so-greasy options I stick with the pho or rice dishes.  The spring rolls and chicken wings (which we usually get) are GREASY!  But sooo yummy! 

Deep Fried Spring Rolls:  2 cut rolls apx. 4$

 Sweet and sour dipping sauce for the spring rolls.  I believe this may be made of fish sauce, my mom makes this at home and she uses Fish sauce boiled with other ingredients..sugar?

 Deep Fried Chicken Wings:  5 pcs for apx. 5-6$

 The Boyfriend bowl:  Wonton Soup with egg noodles.  He always gets this.  I think it's 7-8$

 My bowl:  Curry Chicken with Vermicelli noodles (7$).  
They have variations of this dish, you can get it with rice, or a loaf of fresh bread for dipping.  :9.  
I always peel the chicken skin off (do NOT want).  This dish is very creamy and pretty heavy.

 Make sure you drink the tea to cleanse out that grease!!  Tea is complimentary :)

They have a pretty big selection of drinks; from slushies, smoothies, bubble tea, and Vietnamese desserts (which I love!).  It's items like shaved ice over top a bean dessert, green jelly, and topped with coconut milk.  You can also get bubble tea to go :) 

Overall I really like this place.  My boyfriend and I go here when we want to eat out without having to worry about breaking the bank.  

Thanks for reading :)