Friday, February 24, 2012

REVIEW: Skin79 Intense Classic Balm (BB cream)

Or called "The Premium BB Cream".  

I've been using this BB Cream for sometime now.  I've been using it on and off for a year, but more daily in the last six months or so.  So I figured I would share my thoughts about this BB cream, since there aren't that many reviews (that I can seem to find).

General idea about the product:
- Medium to full coverage
- Gray cast and applies pretty light, but oxidizes after a few minutes (5 mins give or take)
- Feels creamy and is pretty easy to work with
- Consistency is thicker than a standard foundation
 * I wouldn't know compared to other BB creams, because this is the only one I've tried.

What it states...I don't know why it's so blurry :(

A Brief on my skin:
My skin is oily combination.  I'm oily in the T-zone and fairly normal at the cheeks, temples, forehead, and chin.  In the winter I tend to dry in those areas, but my T-zone will stay the same.   I find this works fine everywhere except the T-zone.  More about it following...

What my thoughts are..   if you don't want to read this...skip to the bottom for Pros/Cons.

On oil control:  3.5/5
At first I used it all over my face.  I bought it mainly for oil control, so I was applying it in the T-zone area.  In the beginning, from AM to PM (roughly 730 am - 5 pm) the oil control would be decent.  I wouldn't touch up at all during the day and when checked at home, my skin looked pretty good.  There was no excessive shine that needed attention.  So the oil control is good, but cleaning this bb cream off is daunting, especially if you have larger pores (like me in the T-zone area).  Even though the oil control is good, the end of the day my skin felt suffocated.  My pores felt clogged and I couldn't wait to wash my face.  I pretty much had to double cleanse to ensure the product was fully removed or else it would result in more black heads/ white heads.  

It was easier to remove in the non-oily areas (forehead, temples, cheeks, chin), I guess because those areas the pores are smaller.  I put off using it for a month or so, but when I started running low on concealer I picked it up again, only I dont' use it on my T-zone. 

On Coverage & Wear:  3.5/5
Coverage is medium.  I think one layer is good enough.  If I go two layers, I think it looks a bit much.

Wear is pretty good.  As noted above I barely had to touch up.  It applies fairly light so I figured it would be pretty good  as a brightener around my eyes and to cover acne scars.  So that is now what I use it for.

On Whitening / Healing:  3/5
After using this for a while on my acne scars they did tend to lighten up a bit.  I think it's a combination of the 'healing' properties and the sunblock that could help aid in the process.  This also gives a dewy and awake look.  I don't apply it on new acne, only on scars. 


Swatched on my Hand

Applied on my temple
Applied around the eye


Good coverage / Don't need alot of product
Brightening / Dewy Look
Good price
Good oil control
Good wear
Easy to use
SPF 35 PA++
UV Interception

Can easily clog pores
Hard to remove (especially if you have larger pores)
Better (imo) to use on normal/ dry skin (less breakouts in my case)
Better as a concealer / brightener rather than a full face product
Can feel thick and suffocating (especially if you have larger pores)

I like this product as a brightener or to cover acne scars.  I don't like using it on my T-zone because it clogs and causes more blackheads, whiteheads, and breakouts.  I haven't had any issues with just using it around my eyes, cheeks, forehead, temples, and chin.   I would repurchase this :)  It cost me about 20$ CAD, which is cheaper than other BB creams on the market, that I've seen.

Aahhhh..this is a long post..sorry.  I hope it was more informative than sleep remedy :S.

Till next time..


imfashionstoned said...

That looks greatt! awesome post

Sara said...

Thank you very much :)

Ke said...

thanks for the review! i just purchased missha's bb cream (perfect cover) and i really don't like it. it's always good to read reviews before a purchase so thanks! :)


Sara.H said...

I like BB creams but they don't like me. I have a combination skin and since bb creams tend to be somewhat hydrating and pore clogging, I end up breaking out. Thanks for the perfect review! :) xx

sally t. le said...

My bb creams seem to unsuited for my t-zone too :/
I'm not sure if my skin is having a bad period or if it's actually the cream that's making it worse. But yeah, the color of your bb cream looks really good, it's not too pink or yellow/grayed.

Sara said...

I'm sorry to hear you don't like it. Does it do the same to you as my bb cream did to me? I hope you post up ;)

Sara said...

Thanks Sara. Looks like we experience the same issues. :( I think it's great around the eyes and the SPF is added bonus too! :)

Sara said...

I too, find it's pretty doesn't lean either way :). It could be the bb cream affecting your skin. It is pretty moisturizing and does tend to lead to breakouts. Thanks Sally :)

my mini bag said...

Thanks for this review. I am searching for a new BB cream to try. I will add this to my list. I just ordered Dolly Mai BB cream ( I think that is the name, I can't remember) and hope it turns out good.

Sara said...

Hey thanks for your comment. I hope the BB cream works out for you :)

Sharlynn said...

Looks good! There are so many types from skin 79, I dont know which to try! I've yet to find one that looks 'natural' on me, I dont want to have a 'brightened' complexion! I guess I could use it as a concealer then! :)