Sunday, February 19, 2012

NAKED 2: Swatches + Initial thoughts

Even though there are soo many reviews already of this wonderlust palette.  I decided to make a post sharing swatches and my initial thoughts.

First and foremost..I caved.  I thought I would just try and not give in to the palette, since I already have the first but that failed.  My friend actually bought this for me as a pre-bday gift and a parting gift from work.  I wasn't expecting it, but I was totally thrown off and it was incredibly sweet of her.  :)

My initial thoughts:
On the packaging:  ★★★★☆
Love the packaging. The casing is of shiny metal, has a bit of weight, and feels quite sturdy.  Inside the shadows are encased in a plastic pan that is also quite stiff.  The plastic itself doesn't bend easily.  The case closes with what I describe as 'Hippo teeth'.  There are two slots at the bottom corners to shut the palette and the closure feels secure.  It snaps quite nicely :).  The mirror is larger; takes up the entire upper portion of the palette.  The only thing I don't like is the crease holding the top and bottom of the palette.  I fear that with constant bending, the plastic will wear and eventually snap.  I don't know if this -will- happen, it's just a concern.  If it does..I will post up :).  Palette comes with a dual ended brush and a mini lip gloss.  I like both, but haven't used them yet.  So far I really like this palette.  :)


On the palette:  ★★★★☆
This is more cool toned than the original Naked Palette, which I don't mind.   This also has more shimmers than mattes than the original, also don't mind.  The palette has 3 mattes (Foxy / Tease / Blackout).  Even 'Blackout' has sliiiight shimmer in it, barely noticeable.  I don't like that they repeated 'Half Baked' in this palette.  In my opinion, I think it would've been better to just include a newer color.  Pigmentation seems really good.  The shadows are really smooth and creamy, as usual.  I found that 'Foxy' to be the least pigmented.  I had to swatch it over 2-3 times to get the color to show on my arm for the photos.  The rest are really good though.

Photo compared to original Naked palette:
Some similarities.


Good pigmentation on all but one colour
Better packaging:  Sturdy, easy to keep clean, secure
Creamy, velvety texture
Cool tones, more shimmer colours
Dual ended brush
Bigger mirror
Good price for the amount of colours (60$ CAD  / 12 colours = 5$ a pop)  Pretty good!

Foxy - least pigmented
Has only 3 matte colours (if you prefer matte to shimmer)
Repeat colour - Half Baked.

Overall I really like this palette.  I've yet to make a look on it, but soon will.  Will post up :)   Hope this post wasn't too blah.  I know there are several, other fully detailed and better reviews on this palette.  I didn't feel I needed go all the way out there.  

Let me know if you've also got the palette and what your thoughts are..



bows are cute said...

Lovely review!

I can't wait till I got my naked2 palette! I also want the naked1.

Love Katrien

sally t. le said...

Thanks for the review. I'm thinking of buying one of the palettes, but I'm not quite sure. My sister really like matte browns so which would you recommend? 1 or 2? When I look at the palettes I think 1 looks better, but I like the black eyeshadow in the 2nd one.

Lorina said...

Awww, I was really interested in this but I was concerned about there being too many shimmery powders.

Thanks for the review <3

Sara said...

Thanks ladies :)

@Sally - The naked1 only has 2 matte browns with all the rest shimmer. In all honesty, I'm favouring the Naked 2 to the original. Simply because of the matte black, which is noticeably darker. If you look better with warmer tones, then Naked1 is good, but Naked2 is still pretty similar imho. If you prefer naked1, maybe get that and get a separate matte black on the side? :)

Thanks Lorina :) Hopefully Naked 3 will be ALL matte :)

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful said...

for some reason I can only reply to comments and not post them T_T.
Words cannot explain how much I'd love to own a Naked palette! I need to get one of these babies into my life! Thanks for the comparison photos and I really like how you've put the swatches so inline with the palette so it's really effective to compare. I think I'd go for naked 2 because the intensity of 'blackout' looks delish, or maybe I'll just get both!

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful said...

Oh great, now after I've replied the add comment button/comment box has turned up :P

Sara said...

Lol..get both! But if you have to choose,..I prefer the 2nd :)