Thursday, February 9, 2012

LENS REVIEW: EOS Extravaganza 3-tone Grey (G310) *Sponsored*

Good morningclosetonoon everyone,

Yesterday was a relaxing day.  It was my birthday and I "wined and dined" on pizza, ice cream, and pop.  It truly was a heavy relaxing day.  I pigged out and then passed out.  I feel so old..blegh.  Good thing for sayings such as "age is just a number".   Anyways...Happy Post-Birthday Post, lol..

Anyhow..what better way to enjoy this Thursday than share another lens review, right? It's nice and sunny outside, I have the place to myself, there's a full tub of ice cream in my freezer, and I thank my ipod player from stopping me from heading downstairs to my neighbors and smashing his little precious guitar to pieces, because he "plays" it everyday and night and he sucks for music.

I really enjoy when I put up a new post.  I feel so refreshed, lol.  I'm so cheesy.  I would do it more often, but I'm so bad at writing.  Let's face it, my grammar skills are rocky and I write like I talk.  I shouldn't matter.  Thank goodness for photos!

These lenses were kindly sponsored by Kiwiberry1-Collection.

Before I go into detail on the review, here is a brief on the company: 
I've been a customer of hers for as long as I can remember.  I recall when she first opened and held pre-orders.  Her customer service was outstanding back then and still is today.  I believe this is part of her ever-growing customer base.  I really admire the fact that she values her customers and is very accommodating, and on top of all that she manages to have amazing sales pretty much all the time.  When is there not a sale?  Seriously.  Customer service is managed in a way that satisfies all parties; so one does not get burnt out and frustrated.  I never worry when I order from Kiwiberry1, and should a problem arise with an order, I still don't worry.  I don't see a need to. 

It's noted as 8.6 BC on the site, but the bottles are listed as 8.8 BC.  Could be a typo? 

EOS Extravaganza 3-tone Grey (G310) Review:

COLOUR: ★★★☆☆
Colour opacity is pretty strong, and it appears to be dot printed.  The pattern and colour of the lens not worn is pretty much the same when worn.  What you see it what you get, basically.  I can't really speak for lighter coloured eyes, but I assume it'd be pretty much the same result.  The pupil hole is fairly large, so I guess the only difference between someone with light eyes is the iris would be more visible.  I honestly thought it would show up much darker, almost like a black circle lens because there is so much black on the lens itself.  But when worn the grey shows up fairly well with slight hints of the yellow.

For some reason I didn`t find them as big.  I felt my Max Pure Browns were much more enlarging, but both are 14.5 mm diameter.  They are still pretty big, though.  My theory is that the grey area of the lens creates a smaller appearance and if these were all black, it would look bigger.

COMFORT:  ★★★1/2
These felt like most EOS lenses.  They are pretty comfortable.  The reason I felt to dock 1/2 a star off is because these felt thicker.  I think the colour and opacity could play a part in the comfort.  They definitely weren`t uncomfortable.

These aren`t natural enough to wear daytime.  The jagged, spiky limbal ring is pretty obvious.  However, I do think these are awesome for nights out.  In flash photos they look as though my eyes are sparkly and jewel like (photo below).  Very pretty! 

** Please do not use without permission.  With the exception to
 Full Face shot in daylight settings without flash.

5 Point Views:

Comparison:  No lens / Lens

Both Lens in:

  Lenses are very pretty in flash settings.


Looks great in flash photos
Good enlargement
Good dramatic lens
Looks better with makeup 
Not natural for everyday (unless it`s your preference)
Feels thicker than other EOS lenses
Looks better with makeup

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Lenses can be purchased here.
Thanks Kiwiberry!

I don`t know what my next review should be...
Maybe Naked 2 palette swatches..



Joanne said...

It looks really nice. I went on and checked the site but the lenses that I picked out are all only plano. :( Do you, by any chance know if this is true to all the lenses she has on stock or do you know which ones she has with powers?

katie said...

I looooove these on youuuuu!! Then again (I've probably said this before, but I'll say it again ho ho!) I have yet to see a lens that doesn't look lovely on you <3 Oh and happy belated birthday!! <3 <3 Ohh I totally feel the same way, it's like a big weight is lifted when I post a new entry! I feel awful I haven't updated at ALL. =___= My mind is blank and I'm far too lazy to do any reviews lately. Plus I unfortunately don't have the house to myself when I actually DO have time on my hands wtf! ;___; And when I'm busy it's nothing exciting to really take pictures and post about LOL i suckk. XP

Btw do you mind my asking what camera you use?? All your photos are so stunning!! :O

Ohhh I'm curious about the Naked 2 palette! Yes, swatches are always a must!! :D

Sara said...

@Joanne: Thanks! As of now I only think she carries these in plano. There should be a sidebar listing which lenses are available in rx. I know she's expanding and there will be more power lenses available. Maybe throw her an email and she can give you full details. :)

@Katie: lol..thank you :) haha..I know what you mean about not having the house to yourself. I like to pre-prep my reviews when I'm alone..I don't know why, lol. When the bf is home and is watching me taking a million shots of my eyeballs all I can do is say "turn around!" lolol!

The camera I use is a combination of two. For the video and eye shots I use the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS5 and the face shot (no flash) is the Canon dslr rebel xsi. I use the lens the kit came with. :) Hope this helps.

Vanessa Jhoy said...

they look great on you as always!!!!

Sara said...

Thank you Vanessa :)

cominica said...

wow this lens really lovely, I love the pattern ^^

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Wahhh-- SO PRETTY! I LOVE the design of these series. So chaotic-looking, but so awesome when worn~.

Anyway, yeah, these definitely look gorgeous in flash. o: Woah. Makes the bold pattern even MORE intense.

Happy belated birthday, too!!! :D

Sara said...

Thanks Cominica and Noxin :)

@Nox: I was intrigued by the overall result of the lens, because the pattern design is so extreme..but it turned out pretty nicely. Thanks :)

Penelope said...

Wow, thanks for such a really thought out and thorough review! you have such gorgeous eyes and the lenses look so pretty on you.

Penelope said...

Wow, thanks for such a really thought out and thorough review! you have such gorgeous eyes and the lenses look so pretty on you.

The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful said...

Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog <3

I've never tried circle lenses so your reviews are exactly what I've been looking for! Can't wait to begin my own addiction xD

Sara said...

Thank you Penelope :)

@thegood,thebad,thebeautiful: Thanks and of course. Looking forward to your posts and I'm sure you'll gain followers quickly :) Don't get too addicted ;) it's very easy too, lol.