Friday, February 17, 2012

GFC is closing down so I just joined Bloglovin...

I just found about the announcement that GFC is shutting down it's service to 'non-blogger' providers or sites.  In turn, this may affect traffic and readers.

I don't believe blogs created on the blogger site will be much affected.

You can read in full detail here.

In effort to try an deal with this happening.  I've decided to join Bloglovin'.  I'm in the new on this site and hopefully pick it up well.

Please follow if you are also there :)  ..if you'd like or if this is an easier option in general to follow blogs.  :)

Follow my blog with Bloglovin

I will see you there!!!

Thanks :)


sally t. le said...

wth... why are they doing this? nobody cares for google+ and i can imagine that many will lose their followers because of this :/

Bunny said...

I thought it was closing down altogether :O