Thursday, January 12, 2012

Test..please read if possible and comment below.

I'm trying to redirect my old blog name ( to my new one (  Please let me know if you are receiving my updates after this post.  If you aren't after this date, and want to continue to follow..please do me a huge favour and resub to see if that will correct this issue.  I've lost lots of traffic and I'm truly sorry to many of my followers who have not been getting my post updates.  Thank you for your continued support.



Lorina said...

I'm pretty sure it switched cause I'm still following you but it's under pretty-peepers now and I haven't been very active lately so I think you're good :]

Sara said...

Thanks Lorina. I really appreciate you letting me know. It is such a downer and makes me regret changing my name. Had I known this would be an issue I wouldn't have done it. I will continue to post and keep hoping that readers will continue to follow and grow :)

❤TeddyCat❤ said...

I still see all your posts ;)

Sara said...

Awesome. Thanks Teddy Cat. I think you subbed after my blog rename, so I think the new subbies are okay. But I appreciate your feedback :)