Monday, January 16, 2012

REVIEW: NYX Brow Pencil in 'Charcoal'

Quick post on NYX eyebrow pencil before bed...

I love this pencil.  I've been using this everyday for the last year or so.  I buy mine from Pacific Mall for just under 10 bucks a pop (still on the pricey side).  One will last me approximately 4 months.  I usually stock up on 2 or 3 when I go, since I live pretty far.

The colour I use is 'Charcoal EB07'.  But, I believe the 'B' should be a 'P' (as noted on their site)...perhaps a typo?  Anyways, when I bought two, one pencil had 'B' and the other 'P' and they were both the same colour.

The charcoal colour gave the most natural result.  Black was too harsh and bold, and the Brown's just looked wrong.

Swatched on the back of the hand:  The effect is soft and natural.  You don't need to apply too much product because I find it's buildable.  Once you have applied enough, you can blend it using the built in brush.

 My Left eyebrow is filled in.  Please excuse the tired eyes -.-

The wear is pretty good.  I haven't tried any other eyebrow filler product other than this one, but by the end of the day I don't notice if my brows have worn down, lol.   But, if you are going to rub your eyebrows lots, then yes you will notice the product rub off...

For the amount of product you get, it costs about 2.50 a month for one pencil (4 month daily use).  That isn't so bad, right?

Overall, I like this product and I will continue to repurchase till I find something better or on par for the same price or cheaper. 

Okay..I'm really g'night!


Eugenia said...

Looks good and for a good price too!

Mara said...

Hey, this is my very 1st time commenting in a long time b/c I can finally see your subscriptions. YAYYYYY! Thank you for this review. Its kinda ironic b/c I have been searching for a new brow pencil to use. I might give this a try when Im out of the one im using. :)

Donna ♥ Baby said...

this looks so natural! i wish my eyebrows were as full as yours. mine are so sparse its pretty much invisible LOL. i've been looking for an eyebrow pencil so ill check this out!

Sara said...

Thanks Eugenia :)

@ Mara: I'm so happy! Finally a big sigh of relief. I was so saddened by the complications it was causing all of us, so I'm glad I'm back on your read feed :) Thank you again for resubbing threee times! You really are a sweetheart!

@Donna: For sure check it out..I would recommend it but I'm no pro in makeup, lol. My eyebrows are wild..they never look groomed..I need to invest in a gel or wax.

Jen said...

I love their brow pencils!

Sara said...

Thanks Jen, for stopping by! I gotta restock :)