Tuesday, January 10, 2012

LENS REVIEW: I-Lux Innova Calaview 2-tone Hazel

Hi everyone,

Been meaning to do this review for awhile, but wanted to get the other posts up first :)

I got these lenses from Pacific mall awhile ago, probably almost a year ago.. I didn't open them because I don't want to have too many lenses open at the same time.  I already have about 12 or so pairs open.. O.o

I got these lenses because they strike resemblance to the Geo Nudy Brown's, in terms of pattern.  Except, Calaview's lens colour is slightly different and the limbal ring is bolder, yet a warmer colour.  The result though, on the eye is much more different than expected.  I actually prefer the Geo lenses to the Calaview lenses..I will explain this in the next lens review, which you guessed it..is Geo Nudy Brown.


I-Lux Innova Calaview 2-tone Hazel review:

COLOUR:  ★★☆☆☆
The lens alone is a light-orange (almost peachy) with a grayish brown limbal ring.  On my eye though, it turns into a .. a .. I dunno how to explain, a golden brown curry colour?  That's what I see anyways..  I'm not too fond of the result I get, too unnatural, almost vampire like.  If you have dark brown eyes, with red tones this might not suit to your liking..unless you like curry brown eyes.  Sounds like it burns doesn't it?  More on that in comfort rating..lol.

These are 14.0 mm lenses, but they enlarge quite a bit.  I get a very noticeable halo around my iris.  These are more like 14.2 mm.

COMFORT:  ★★☆☆☆
Not really that comfortable.  Like the Colornova gray's these were a tad hard to put in.  The lens on the finger holds it shape pretty well, and can easily fall off my finger.   I can feel it in my eye once in, but after a few seconds I am not really bothered by it (feeling noticeable still).  Me not being bothered by it could be due to the fact that I've built a tolerance to lenses that aren't as comfy as some other lenses.  These lenses don't slide that much, which is nice, but doesn't really make that much of a difference in comfort level. 

Because of the colour.  The halo also gives it away.  The pupil hole is more blunt than Geo Nudy's and doesn't blend well into my eye, more so not at all.  This lens has more of a 'sticker' look to it, especially in direct sunlight (photo below).

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The end result of this lens is definitely different compared to Geo Nudy Browns.  This is warmer toned and lighter off and on the eye.  Too unnatural for me... I wouldn't buy this again.

Thanks and till next time :)


♥ Denise ♥ said...

brown curry color o.O!? LOL

Its regrettable these lenses are neither comfortable nor giving great effect :/

(p.s. I always love your reviews on lenses <3 love)

Vanessa Jhoy said...

love it! but they look similar to the geo nudies! have a great day sara ;]

Sara said...

Thank you Denise! That means alot to me :)

@ Vanessa: Thanks hun! Did the resub work? Please let me know.

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Mm, yeah. I can see why the colour might not be appealing to ya'. It's... kinda' weird--- and opaque in all its weirdness, too. Haha.

(Of course, that's, like, perfectly suited to me, though. xD )

And yikes-- you'd hope for more comfort with the high water content and all that. Sorry these didn't work out for you.... at least the halo effect is quite pretty.

Sara said...

@Nox: Yea..it's just tooo much yellow tones, the result clashes with my skintone. Perhaps these would suit to someone with more tanned skin..like you :) Which I wish I was tanned! I hate winter!

Anonymous said...

wow, thanks 4 this review is very useful, I've never seen the calaview lenses in real pics till yours, thanks!

Sara said...

Thanks anony :) yea..there aren't much reviews on the lenses on the web..kind of hard to find. Thank you :)