Sunday, January 22, 2012

LENS REVIEW: Geo Nudy Brown


I'm eating my favourite ice cream while typing this.  Cookies 'n' Cream ... :9.  So yummy.

Just gonna share a review on one of my favourite circle lenses..Geo Nudy Brown.

This is actually my 2nd pair opened.  Not too long after my first pair expired, I ordered 2 more pairs from when she was holding her Geo Pre-order.   I snagged me some deals :). 

She has plano instock on her site for only 20$.  Can be purchased here.

Geo Nudy Brown Review:

COLOUR:  ★★★★
I personally really like the colour.  It is more of a cooler toned brown and pretty subtle.  The effect (on my eyes) is a lighter brown colour.  Not super light, but more of an enhancer.

According to Geo, they have increased the diameter from 14.0mm to 14.2mm for the Nudy series (I believe Angel series, too).  However, compared to my older Nudy photos, the size looks the same.  The "smaller" Nudy series in general does have a bigger enlargement than the other 14.0mm lenses.  So it makes sense IMO why they changed the diameter; because it is more 14.2mm than 14.0mm.   These are perfect size enlargement lens for me, but they are not the biggest I've tried, so I gave them a 3. 

Side note:  Geo has also updated their logo.

COMFORT:  ★★★★
Not for all.  I hear some wearers complain about the discomfort of the Nudy series, specifically.  But I find them to be very comfortable especially  when I compared them to Calaview hazel (photos below).  The difference in comfort between the two lenses is like night and day.   So this is a bonus for me.

Fairly natural from my point of view.  They are a subtle brown (enlargement + enhancer).  They photograph lighter in flash photos, but not strikingly lighter.  They are natural enough to wear daily.  I don't need alot of makeup to balance these lenses out, so that's another bonus for me. Also, they blend better and don't have that 'sticker' like effect, which I absolutely love.  The halo kind of gives them off though, but I love the halo on the Nudy's.  It's one of the main reasons that drew me  in to buy them. :)

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FACE SHOT:  Natural light / Indoors / No Flash







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Vanessa Jhoy said...

Hi Sara those lens look fabulous on you! I still remember the nudy browns those were the 2nd pair of lens that I bought. Hope your having a wonderful weekend!!! :)

Sara said...

Thank you Vanessa! I hope you had an awesome weekend :)

Yara Simón said...

It's a really interesting color.

Donna ♥ Baby said...

oo that lokos gorgeous! it gives your eyes that marble effect

Sara said...

You know Donna, I never thought of that but I do see it :) Thanks for your're always so sweet :)

LiLy said...

Hey! I like your black eye brows and hair! :)

Sara said...

Thank you Lily :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Nice review
& thanks for all the photos!

I really like your blog
new follower!! ;D


Bunny said...

You're really pretty! :) I've tried the Geo nudy blue lenses before the brown ones look alot more natural. I suppose it would be when my eyes are actually brown.. hahaha XD

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Ah-- I prefer this cooler brown on you~. And oddly enough, my Nudy Browns are more opaque or at least lighter. o.O

I kinda' want mine to be darker like yours~.

Also, I'd not really heard that the Nudy series was found any more uncomfy than any other Geo series... not in a long time, anyway.

Sara said...

@ Bunny: Thank you! :) Such a sweet compliment, I dont hear that lots lol. Nudy brown is very natural, I would recommend them :) My first nudy's were the golden blue and those are pretty noticeable, nice though :) Thanks again!

@Nox: hmm..maybe they changed something about the Nudy's? I know my very first pair was also as comfy as these.. Yours could be lighter from a different lot? I dunno..I like the nudy's on you, in fact, they are nice on pretty much everyone from what I've seen.

Small Town Gal said...

Gorgeous! Love the color.

Julyet said...

beautiful! cute blog xx

cominica said...

I've this lens before and lovee itt! can't believe they've increase the diameter of this lens naw~ XD

Diane said...

Great detailed review/photos! I have this baby-- and yeah i like it too! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I followed you hun! let's keep in touch! muah!

Diane said...

Great detailed review/photos! I have this baby-- and yeah i like it too! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I followed you hun! let's keep in touch! muah!

Sara said...

@ Diane: Thank you dear! For sure followed your blog, it's wonderful and thank you for your support!

@ Cominica: mee too..I do and don't understand why they increased it? Perhaps the angels and Nudy's generally are more enlarging than the other circle lenses.

Maryam Maquillage said...

you are gorgeous!!! love your dainty lashes :))

Sara said...

Thank you Maryam!

Joanne said...

I stumbled upon your blog and I just love it. :) Plus, I am really in love with circle lenses too! :)

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