Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy 2012!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their first day of 2012!  Mine is super relaxing..finally.  New Years eve was sweet and sound.  My boyfriend and I went out to eat at Milestones and then went back home.  We stayed in and waited till midnight before conking out! 

Just sharing a few photos of our yummy night!  If you decide to go to Milestones I suggest having the Pesto chicken yummy.  A bit greasy but still good.  It took me three whole sittings to eat it all.  The garlic bread that comes with it is really nice too!  It's toasted and crisp on the outside, warm and soft inside, and looks like a slice of cake :)

My Drink:  Caramel Chocolate Coffee with butterscotch liqueur and Dark creme de cacao, topped with whip cream and chocolate shavings...*drool

Our Appetizer:  Toasted Naan and Ciabatta with a warm goat cheese spread.  The two dips were cranberry and fig jam.  I didn't like the cranberry that much, it was kind of sour.  But the fig jam was great paired with the goat cheese and the Ciabatta toast. 

 My Dish:  Grilled chicken pesto fettuccine.  I really enjoyed much flavour!!  The chicken was cooked nicely too.  Tender and moist.

 His Dish:  Seafood Fettuccine with salmon, mussels, and tiger shrimp. He has a weakness for seafood.  Just earlier that day we had already indulged in Mussels.  : 9.  My plate was

My makeup was pretty neutral.  I tried to add some gold and copper to my lower lash line and played my lashes up more.  I am wear EOS old adult browns (e-203).

How did your New Years celebration go?  Let me know by sharing below :)

I'm planning on posting some Christmas photos up on my next post!!!

Happy 2012!


Vanessa Jhoy said...

hey sara! yes i finally started blogging once more, i deleted everything at first but i missed it so much and thought i could start all over :) wow your dinner looks awesome, i agree with the cranberry sauce a bit sour for my liking, but i also stayed home and just hung out with my friends and family, and that drink looks amazing, i want some right now! lol... stay beautiful!

MIRIAM said...

Wonderful pictures dear! I like them! Happy New Year to you..dear !!!

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Eugenia said...

The food looks so good!! Hope you had a great New Years!

Sara said...

Thank you ladies..Happy New Year!