Sunday, October 16, 2011

PORTRAIT: Mila Kunis

Just wanted to quickly share a drawing that took a month or so to do.  Not a whole, just here and there...

It's a portrait of pretty Mila Kunis...

The drawing took between 8-9 hours total.
Medium is Graphite.
Paper is Strathmore bristol smooth.
I used hair spray as a fixative.


** Please note I only do this for fun..I'm currently not doing commissions..


Monday, October 10, 2011

LENS REVIEW: Geo Two Tone "Nature" Green (CM-723)

Hi all,

First review after the long break.  Simple review, really.

It's a quick lens review.  I'm hoping the photos will do the explaining...

I think writing is what throws me off about blogging.  I'm not much of a writer, I prefer photos.  When I want to do a post, I'm put off by the writing.  Actually, I kind of dread it.  Usually when I read other blogs I am more inclined to follow a blogger based on what they show rather than what they write.  I know, not really good of me.  But I'm more visual.  When I read up on a product I want to see it for myself.   My expectations and the results I'm looking for may not fall under the same expectations as someone else.  My grammar isn't spectacular but it's understandable..I hope.   Another reason I dread  For example, if I'm looking for a natural lens that blends well and come across a blogger that only explains results I'm hoping for, may turn into a unhappy purchase.  If I see the photos (good photos), I can be the judge of that, right?  I'm sure some can relate and some will find me rather snobbish to do so.  Can't please everyone.

Besides, I tend to spend much more time taking and captioning photos in hoping I covered most areas in case a reader will question me about the product.  Of course I won`t cover all areas, but I'm confident that I cover enough.  I think the photos are of decent enough quality to answer for me..don't you think?  lol.

Pet peeve of mine:  Bad photo samples...Please take good photos.

Okay..enough ramble.  Onto the review...