Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wow is's been awhile!

Haven't been here much lately, I come back every now and then to see if anyone has an inquiry but so far it's been quiet.  I am in hopes that'll change and my posts & visitations will be more frequent.  Days aren't so bad and time doesn't seem much of a stand still anymore.  

New updates??  Nothing much really...

My boyfriend and I got a truck together.  I must say we look pretty coooool in it B).  lol.

I got more lenses..ha!   Still a lens hoarder.  I have to catch up on lens reviews.  I owe you guys don't I?  Nox is whoopin' my A**.. But she is a walking Lenscyclopedia, lol.  Really, she is.  It's pretty amazing what she knows. 

Anyways, in no specific order the following lenses should be posted..and if they aren't, please someone harass me.

* Geo 2 tone green (CM-723)
* Calaview 2 tone brown (Similar to Nudy brown)
* Old Adult blue (E-203) Sponsored by
* EOS V-102L (Similar to barbie circle brown)
* EOS Gothic 3 tone hazel

Post soon!  Stay tuned!