Sunday, December 11, 2011

REVIEW: Lipstick Haul (Mainly Pics only)

Having lip issues lately where I find that my lips appear darker than usual.  So I've kind of become obsessive with finding a nice MLBB (my lips but better) lipstick or lip color.  I recently looked over some home remedies that naturally lighten your lips, but that will be another posting :).

This lip hoard thing came about after purchasing a lip product that I seen a co-worker sporting.  The color looked sooo nice on her, but the problem is it didn't look as pretty on me.  I guess cause my natural lip color is darker than hers.  Blegh!  Boo my dark lips..they make me look so old.

In order to get a similar result to hers I obviously have to tone down my natural lip colour.  That's fine except, my lips dry out considerably and look flaky.  I've exfoliated but it doesn't help much.. :(  If you have a remedy for this, please throw it out...I would love to hear :)

Anyways..onto the lipsticks.  After seeing it on her I went to purchase it and picked up a few more colours, because my local drugstore was having a sale!

From L-R:  Rimmel Crush, Rimmel Paradise, Rimmel Airy Fairy, CG Delish, L'oreal Peach Parfait, 
Revlon Peach (one my co-worker was wearing).  Can you tell I have an eye for specific colours?  ;)

Swatches on Arms:  With and Without Flash.        * Flash Picture (bottom) is in the same order as top.

About scent:  
Pretty much all of them except Revlon has a perfume like scent.  It kind of reminded me of a floral scent.  I don't particularly enjoy it but I am not bothered by it.  It isn't detectable (to me anyway) when you wear it unless you put the stick right up your nose!

I actually bought these lipsticks based on colour and effect, rather than  moisture and wear length.  I'm more into colour right now.  I always apply a moisture lip balm before applying lipstick though.  

My Natural Lip Colour for reference:

All lipsticks were taken by the window during daytime :) 

Out of all of them I disliked Paradise the most.  I don't hate it but I don't really like how dark it is.  My most liked of the bunch is the Covergirl Delish.  The packaging is really nice too.  I liked how it's a nice, soft peachy nude. 

L'oreal Peach Parfait and Revlon's Peach are roughly the same colour. 
I wasn't too fond of Airy fairy.  It's too cool toned for my yellow-olive skin.  I think I look better in warm tones.  But, I think It's growing on me :)

Thanks for reading!
Sleep time :)


The Peach said...

I can't believe how close some of these colors are! All but Paradise and Airy Fairy could be dupes for each other! I think Paradise is my fave of the group. But all of them are so pretty!

Jen said...

Love your colour choices! i feel your pain, tho i think my lips are even darker than yours >.< you should try the Bioglo lip brightener :) it makes your lips pinker!

Sara said...

Thanks Peach :) Paradise is too dark for me.

Jen - Thanks so much! I'm goin to check that out! You might be my saviour ;)

Francesca said...

thanks for this useful post! will need to try one now!

Cylia said...

ahh I really need a nude coloured lipstick! PS. To get a little bit in the Christmas mood.. Join my ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway with Monki, Pull & Bear goodies and more! here:

Dark Heart 2011 said...

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♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Ack-- my Blogger, for some reason, doesn't show me when you blog updates. @_@ Guh. Thank god for Lensaholics. Haha.

Anyway, beyond actual lip-lightening products, I don't know of any workable remedies. Especially not hoe-remedy-wise. Yikes...

Moving on to the actual swatching and such, I have to say that Peach Parfait and Crush are my favourite two on you, but that nude tone you chose was also gorgeous~.

Sara said...

Thanks Nox :) I actually found a lippie I love, but one small's discontinued!! wahh! lol. I still can't believe ppl don't get my updates in their feed! No wonder my blog is kind of quiet!

Kelly Tran said...

Omgosh! What a coincidence. I was looking for a pretty peach lipstick a while ago and I came across this post today and it's so useful! All the colours look so pretty on you! :)

Sara said...

Thank you Kelly :) I hope you've found the peach you're looking for!