Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sims 3 Celebrity - XIAXUE.

Hey gals..and some guys..??..???..?

This is a random post.. My adore bitone yellow review will be up in a few days :) Just a heads up..they are my current GO-TO for naturalness...yeha..even more than solotica.

Anyhow..If you don't know I like to play the sims 3 from time to time.

I was watching one of Ricebunny's newest videos which featured one of my favourite bloggers, Xiaxue (this all while the sims 3 game was running). So, I wondered if anyone on Sims 3 had created her. To my surprise.. I didn't find any. What better time than now? HA!

So I give to XiaXue rendition on the sims 3.
I am gonna share it on the exchange and link it in this post (via update). The site's currently down for maintenance.

Wendy Cheng / XIAXUE.

Hope you like it!


katie said...

Ohh I love your blog! And I LOVE Sims! And Xiaxue xD You did a really good job on creating her sim version! I bet Xiaxue would like it too, why not share it with her? <3

The Adult Violets look really pretty on you :) I also love the way you take pictures of your lenses, it's really cool, and you get a great view of the lenses :D

I'm gonna be on here for a while to check out your older posts too, and looking forward to your future posts as well :D

Sara said...

Thanks Katie! I`m glad you enjoy reading my blog! I just posted up my favourite lens :) Thanks again for your support and I followed you back too! :D

Gregg said...

Loves it! I wonder if one could put XiaXue's erm..... Wonderful language into sim's language?! That would so be worth it!

Sara said...

hahaha Gregg! It'd be a riot. I love her blog.