Tuesday, April 12, 2011

LENS REVIEW: Adore Bi-Tone Yellow

I'm going to post this before I go onto re-editing my blog.  I was going to over the weekend..but personal issues came up and this review had to be put on the side.  But it's up now!  lol...

Before I go on..I have to say that these are my most favourite lenses.  I really, really love these lenses.  I am already planning on purchasing another pair of the bi-tone yellows.  I also have grays on the way and plan to get honey and acqua in the future.  But for sure, I will probably stock up on these babies.   I hope Koreabigeyes.com supplies these forever!!  lol.

Photo taken indoors with natural light / No flash


I absolutely love the colour!  The lens itself is yellow, but on my eye it turns out a medium, rich green.

These aren`t meant for enlarging.  However, there`s just a smidge of enlargement.  I got these for colour change and naturalness.

These are really, really comfortable.  This is such a bonus in my book.  I have worn these for over 12 hours (which I do NOT recommend).  The comfort may vary from person to person.  On my eyes, they are great.  I do not re-wet them or use eye drops and they still feel fine.

First five ever!!  These have topped my Solotica`s, which were in my favourites of natural lenses.  I still love my Solotica`s, but these blend way better and the colour result is much more realistic and natural.  This is my Holy Grail of lenses.  Whenever I pick a lens to wear, I choose these!

I have had only great experience with this site.  The owner is very sweet and reliable.  She is always in direct communication with me on the status of my lenses.  If you have any issues with your order, it`s best to contact her directly and she will do her best to assist you.  I plan to purchase from Koreabigeyes.com in the future.  The prices are great, the deals are great, the shipping is cheap, and the owner is a total sweetheart.  Thanks Patty!

Please note, I was not sponsored these lenses. I bought these with my own money.  I am not being paid for this review.  All opinions expressed are my own with 100% honesty. 

Now onto the fun part...the Pictures!

*** Please do not re-upload, re-edit, re-use, re-distribute any of my photos or videos without granted permission.  Please ask first.  Thank you.


I`ma sucker for packaging..so pretty!!




VIDEO:  *** Model is me.

Thank you Koreabigeyes for these lenses!!

Thanks for reading!!


Donna ♥ Baby said...

wow thats some fancy packaging!! ive never seen that before i love it though. yellow contacts seems a bit weird but it looks very pretty.. almost like a light brown. :)

Anonymous said...

wow your review is awsomw, these lenses are extremely natural on you, Love it!

Sara said...

@Donna - Thank you :) I want to purchase the honeys..I think they fall more on the brown side :)

@Anony - lol..thanks :) I responded back to you on the forum :) You're results with this lens is one of the reasons I wanted it..beautiful results :)

Anonymous said...

I loved the way these lenses looked up they ripped after just one wear! I emailed Koreabigeyes to see what the replacement/refund policy is. Thanks for your review!

Catherine said...

Thank you so much for doing a review on these and for being so detailed (as always). I've decided I'm going to get them :D looking forward to your next reviews!

Sara said...

Thank you ladies and you're welcome :) I'm glad to have helped :) :).. I'm debating what to review next ;). Probably big big circle lenses ..we'll see.

Mazzy said...

Sara you are going to make me go broke! Going to order these because you made them look sooo good.

Sara said...

@ Mazzy..Muhahahahahaha! That's my plan. lol. ;)

Label me Addict said...

love you lens range.... your truly a lensaholic!!!!


Gregg said...

They look great on you! The Mels do pop a bit more but IMHO the Adores just have that something that draws you in.

Sara said...

@ Gregg - I know..I already got a backup pair! It's like one of those lenses where someone is guessing.."wait?...are your eyes?.." double take.."lemme move in closer." And I'm like, "NOT SO CLOSE!".

Glasschance said...

I love this blog! Thanks so so much for such a comprehensive review of different products and styles! I've only ever bought 2 pairs - one was great, the other terrible! - so its good to hear from someone who knows their stuff!

jules said...

I love your reviews on contact lenses...you are always spot on. I bought the soloticas a while back after seeing your review. I loved them but I also found them to be very thick and uncomfortable after wearing them for a while. They also gave me a little tunnel vision. I just got the ADORE bi tone yellows the other day and I have to say they are the most comfortable colored contact lenses I've ever tried. And so natural, people don't even question if i'm wearing coloured contacts. THANKS for the review! Bought it from Koreanbigeyes.com too :)

Sara said...

Thank you glasschance and jules!

@ Jules: I love that site. I have a backup pair of the Yellows! I'm glad to have helped :D Thank you for your support and dropping by!

Anonymous said...

Have you tried hazel? I think they'd look great!

Angie said...

Hi. Love your blog.
Love how these lenses look on you, so natural and pretty. Could you review the other colours of ADORE bitone lenses please, especially the grey, hazel and honey. Thanks in advance!
Oh by the way, I have searched with no success daily disposables of coloured and enlarging lenses. Any idea where I can find these? Thanks!
Angie xx

Sara said...

Hi Angie :) Thanks so much and I will definitely review the other pairs. It might take a bit as I've others to get up first but they'll be up I promise. I will compare all four too :) Keep checking back and I really appreciate your visit.

Maygirl said...

Hi, I have the same eye color as yours. Well, about the same :). I was contemplating between the honey or yellow and after this review I went and ordered the yellow. Will be waiting for your review in the other colors. :) thanks for such a helpful review!

Mariam said...

Thank you so much, that was very helpfull. I have adore bi yellow lenses and was thinking of getting solotica mel, my eye colour is your same as yours. After your review I'm happy with adore.

Red Contact Lenses said...

After ages I got to see something very unique in contact lenses and color tone is just amazing. It's very adorable and just perfect for many dark colored outfits.

Ariah said...

Looking good! :) I was wondering, have you tried the hazel or honey from this brand? I'm trying to figure out the difference between the two and which one would be more suitable for brown Asian eyes (like myself).