Wednesday, April 20, 2011

GIVEAWAY: SPRING GOAL + Reach 300 Followers! - CLOSED -


Actually...a few goals Spring Giveaway.  

I don't know if any of you have noticed, I know some have.  But, my current posts don't show up until wayyyyy later in other peoples feeds.  So this might have been posted 2 weeks before you even see it!  So far it's a current issue among the blogger community and being looked into.  So I'm just waiting for the day I say "yayy!".  This started when I changed my name to Pretty-peepers.  But so long as you get this post!'s ok!  lol.   Better later than never, right?

So...these are my goals:  You can help me attain some of
1. Drop down to 120 lbs.  I've been working out for the last few years and have really, Reallllly, slowly lost weight and have kept it off.   I'm currently at about 127 lbs.  I used to near 150 lbs.  Only 7 more to go.  Once I hit 120 mark..I'll have another goal.  One fitness goal at a time ;)
2.  Have a "can do", positive attitude.  Many of you don't know, but I have quite a temper.  I keep quiet to those I'm not really close with.  Those who know me will hear my rants.  I bitch about the public transit system alot. 
3.  Hit 300 followers on blogger or twitter!
4.  Post at least 3-5 posts a week on blogger.  That's about 1 a week..I think I can do that.  lol.. '^ . ^
5.  Learn how to properly apply eyeshadow..I really, truly, suck at it.  I'm hoping to do amazing looks like Mara

North American Hemp Co. Hair Sample Products...

e.l.f.  Plumping Lip Glaze in "Fire Coral"

Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings.  Hooks are made
of Chrome as told to me by the artist.  They shouldn't cause
an allergy reaction.  She said they are also nickel free.  
Earrings won't break if you drop them but they are bendable.
They WILL break if you bend them enough.
So please don't sit on them!  lol.

e.l.f. Lip gloss in "Honey Do"

e.l.f. Minty Lip Gloss in "Miami"

H&M Spring Nails mini polish set.

*** All items are bought and paid for under my own expense.  Please know I am not sponsored these products.   

Rules are simple and easy:  

*** Please comment "Enter" me to participate and list your contact.
1.  You Must be a follower of my blog.  +1
 ( You Must also have a blog.  Accounts created solely for the purpose of winning will not be considered. ) 
2.  Name your favourite item from the list of products above and state why.  +1
3.  Share a goal you have / had and how you attained it or how you plan to attain it.  +1
4.  Link this post with the main photo in Sidebar.  +2
5.  Link this post with the main photo in a Main post.  +3

Total of 8.

--- You must be at least 18 yrs of age to participate.  If you are underage, please get parental permission.
--- Contest is open internationally.
--- Giveaway starts now and ends when I hit 300 followers.  (One of my goals is already laid out, lol.)
--- Winner will be chosen on



Eden-Avalon said...
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Eden-Avalon said...

x3 I was looking at my LinkBacks and I saw that you added my blog, The Reason For Tears to your Blogroll. You're actually my first unsolicited/non-friend LinkBack.

I love your content and I've become a Follower. From one beauty newb to another; I hope you reach all your goals!

(Whoops! Submitted my comment before it was finished!)

I have (as stated above) become your follower.

My favorite item on your list are the Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings. They're really unique looking and i'm all about quirky style!

Your list of goals inspired me to write my own list of goals. One of my goals is to connect with my fellow bloggers more. I intend to achieve this by leaving more comments on the blogs I love!

I've linked back to your giveaway and thanked you for adding me to your blogroll at my post, here:

rock-or-not said...

Thank you!
-I follow you as rock-or-not
Here is my adress:
rock-or-not at hotmail dot fr
-I love the elf gloss (I'm so in love with this brand) They're very pigmented and cheap!
-I'd love to work this summer (I'm a student) so I can make a little money for me!
Thank you!

Elenita said...

enter me please!
GFC: Elenita

My goal is to finish my studies to enjoy this summer
My fav product is H&M Spring Nails mini polish set becaouse I love this colours!




doroffee said...

Enter me, please, too! I follow you as doroffee. Mail:

My fave item from this lot is the pair of Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings, because I'm so into these peachy-corally kind of colors right now :)... and they are beautiful, too.

One of my current goals is to gt a job. I've been studying job ads and asked around some of the offers :).

nicolthepickle said...

1. I follow as nicolthepickle.
2. I love the idea of the e.l.f. Minty lip gloss because minty lip gloss is lovely, and it looks pretty.
3. My goal for spring is to have a beautiful flower bed. I have one now, but it's been overgrown for at least 5 years. I want to fix it up.


Jasmine1485 said...

Enter me please! :)

I'm following via GFC as Jasmine1485 +1

My favourite item is the 'Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings', they're such a pretty feminine colour ^_^ +1

My goal is to successfully graduate from my Nutrition degree and I intend to achieve it by continuing to work as hard as I currently am, and looking after my health as well +1

kate1485 at

meipinggg said...

Enter me! :D

1. GFC: meipinggg
2. I think it would be the Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings and the nail polish. :P Why? The earrings look gorgeous and I'm so addicted to more nail polishes. :P
3. Goal for this year would be getting straight A's in my studies! Studying super hard now 8D
4. Done! (bottom right!)


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Enter me, por favor~! (Eek- sorry it took so long to write this: RL ate my blog-time. D: )

1. Pshh~~. Of course I follow your blog. <3

2. My favourite item has to be the e.l.f. Minty Gloss in Miami. As of now, I'm juusst starting to explore makeup and what colours I can pull off. I don't have many glosses, and Miami seems rather vibrant for one, so that'd be a two birds + one stone kind of item.

3. One goal I have is to lose 10 more pounds and get back to the weight I used to maintain when I played sports. I already lost 15 a year and a half ago by switching up my veggie portions and walking every day. I'll lose the next 10 by starting a new exercise regimen. :]

4. n/a

5. Link to my link-back:

Mara said...

Sara, Im so sad because I'm still having problems with getting new updates from you on my subscription box. Anyways, I'm here now. I can't believe you made a shout out to ME, I'm so honored.

I'd love to join your giveaway,

I want the H&M polishes, I really want to use the orangey coral one. 1 of my goals is also to lose weight. I'm currently 135 and I want to go down to 125.

Funnie, how you made this post about goals and this has been one of my newest goals to accomplish. I've been on a strict diet and jogging everyday. I know I CAN. :)

Also, you'll hit 300 in no time. I'm sure of it.

Malas e Sapatitos said...

Enter me!
Follower: Girlon Shop

Favourite item from the list: Elf products because I've never tried it before!

My goal is to have more time to myself because my work is very demanding, si I'm trying to reduce the number of hours.

I posted the iveaway on my blogs sidebar:


Estrelinha said...

I follow via GFC as Estrelinha

I love the products Elf


Thakitty said...

Enter me please!
GFC: Thakitty
my blog:
My fave item from the list is tha H&M spring mani set because I have already wrote this item in my wishlit xD


Isaa said...

GFC : isaa
I love the H&M Spring Nails mini polish set because i like very much nail polish

my obect was to have a car, worked hard and got a

post -

sidebar -

OohLadyBeGood said...

GFC: oohladybegood

My favourite: elf plumping lip glaze, it's an amazing color and I had my eye on it for a while now.

My goal: to achieve a masters in music. I'll work hard to earn money to pay tuition.

thanks =)

Mira said...

follower: mira46

favourite item from the list of products above: Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings, because i love wearing earrings, that's a vital part of me.

at the moment my goal it's to find a job.

blog sidebar:

blog post:

Sara Costa said...

Enter me :)

GFC: Sara Costa
My favourite item it's e.l.f. Minty Lip Gloss in "Miami" cause i love glosses and this one looks so nice!
My goal it's to get more followers in my blog so i'm thinking in a giveaway too.
I posted in sidebar:


Lulu said...

Enter me please:)
GFC: Lulu
I love the Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings. Theya re ideal for one of my smmer dresses, exactly the same color)
My goal was to finish my studies which I did, and now my goal is to find a good job, interesting and with a decent salary)...
redalepou (at)yahoo(dot)com


Enter me!
Follower: Joana Carvalho

Favourite item from the list: H&M Spring Nails mini polish set because i love enamel

My goal is to get a job because I need to occupy my time and earn some money.

I posted the giveaway on my blogs sidebar:

Lu said...

favourite item: Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings because I love earrings!
My goal is to get a job. I need money! :D

Xtrelitah said...

GFC xtrelitah

xtrelitah @ gmail . com

favourite: H&M Spring Nails mini polish set, i love the colours

my goal... stop bit my nails :P

fatema said...

please enter me

GFC: fatema


i like the miny lipgloss

posted on my blog's giveaway page:

i want to read 100 books this year and i'll complete it by reading daily!

P&P said...

Enter me please!

1. GFC Follwer: PĂ©rolas Pingas
My blog:
2. My fav thing are the earrings ;)
3. I want to reach the 200 followers on my blog in 2012. I will try to post and english version of all my posts as well as improve the quality of the posts.
Thank you.

Casual Chic in the Street said...

fav things: h&m nailpolishes, because i never tried some and I am really curious how they are.
goal: to lose 10kg, with the help of Montignac Diet ( I already lost 5, so I am on the good road!!)


Cami said...

Enter me plz!
GFC : Cami87
My fav thing: Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings, i love the colour.
Goal : I want to become an accountant so I'm studying now...
Sidebar post:

xRiChan said...

I just started a blog, not really finished setting it up, for beauty. Hope to get it started!
My favorite item from above? The nail polish! I love experimenting with my nails, it's super fun to try new designs!
My goal is to lose weight as well, I'm around 115 now, and I hope to get down to 100. I'm short, so I'm kinda chubby at my current weight. I just want to get fit in general.

anna said...

Hey Sara! thanx for the generous giveaway! Im gonna keep my fingers crossed!
1.GFC : anna

2.favorite item: The minty lip gloss in Miami by e.l.f (I love lip gloss its so versatile.U use it as a lipstick, eyeshadow, even blush if Im not carrying the other things! yeah thats me, the supreme lazybones :P)

3.My Goal:I have been suffering from PCOD and battling weight issues all my life.After i recently took some steps to tone down, I started a health and beauty blog, and my goal is to be able to help atleast 20 people through it.

4. Wish I knew how to post the photo in sidebar!

5.Main Post:

Holly S. said...

Enter me!!!
1. I follow you via GFC as Holly S. +1
2. That's hard because I want them all, but i'd say the H&M Spring Nails mini polish set. I love these colors! +1
3. I want to start running this year. I quit smoking to attain it, so when my lungs clear up, I'll be able to start a run/walk program in prep for running at 30 minute intervals. +1
=3. Thanks!

MaRyAm ChAuDaRy said...

gfc: maryam razzaq
i like Plumping Lip Glaze in "Fire Coral" its luking cute nd i just lip glaze
I just want become a doctor, i want to do job.. u knw professional ;)
Blog side bar:

Maria said...

follower: Maria

My favorite items are the nail polish because i love nail polish :).

Sally Le said...

1. GFC: sally t. le from
2. I love the Corteza Acrylic Pressed Petal Earrings! They look so delicate and feminine.. 
3. I want to lose 5kg and I will do that by cutting out all snacks/candy and exercise. This year I will achieve this :D
4. Linked it in my sidebar ^_^