Saturday, March 12, 2011


I'm personally done these days trying to be nice and pleasant. Ask anyone...I was a major pushover. Do NOT take my niceness as a weakness, because I CAN, and WILL call you out for it.

If any of you have gathered in the past, I had a little rant regarding my videos being re-uploaded for personal gain without my consent. Basically, this individual took my vids, edited them and uploaded them as their own. I politely requested they take them down. POLITELY. I am done with that. As throughout the year, I've found myself reporting them, SEVERAL times on this issue. SEVERAL. I am done being nice. Time to call them out.

They have several reuploaded videos from fellow bloggers that I have noticed, mine included. I have posted on their fb wall, only to have my comment deleted, and myself banned from their facebook page for calling them out. I cannot post on their youtube account unless they approve my comment. They ignore personal messages and delete comments on their (MINE) vids. The supplier blogspot is..

Their YOUTUBE accounts are several...

You can scan them if you'd like as I'm sure a few of you will recognize some similar faces.

Thanks and enjoy this fan-fu**ing-tastic day.


Manni said...

Ooooh! Sara's pissed :(
Sorry to hear about them stealing your videos!!

Sara said...

Lol Manni! You always make me happy! :D

♥♥ Shara ♥♥ said...

What a Biiitchh -_-
I seriously have her address somewhere as I bought from her and demanded EMS forms and it had her address on it LOOL

Lets go there and sort this face to face! LOOOL

I wish no one buy from her -.-
so many people buy from that biatchii PFFTTT

Love ur new layout btww :)
I wish I knew what to do to make mine prettified loool

Sara said...

Thanks Shara! Ditto! I followed her blog way back when, but stopped after finding out who she is. Talk about desperate measures. She doesn't even sell half the lenses she steals videos of. How stupid is that? She creates accounts that are related to popular searches, so when you look for the popular search, it'll show "her videos". So desperate. She lies, steals, false advertises, and on top of that, she's a crappy seller. I've done my part being nice to her..Not being nice anymore.