Sunday, March 6, 2011

Random Post...recent lens purchases...

First post of March..

Just wanted to share what I recently purchased from a few sites.

If you're wondering what sites I get my lenses from, and which I trust...well here's to name a few:
More will come in future posts. I usually post where I purchased the lenses.

- Crystal eyes (Facebook)
- Circle Lens Addiction (Pretty much my go-to for EOS lenses, the owner Shara is awesome)
- more to come!!...


- Neo cosmo Sunflower Honey
- Neo 4 tone queen honey
- Adore bi-tone yellow

From S2Janie...
when she held a GEO order after GEO released new lenses...

- GEO Xtra Bella (WBS-203)
- GEO Xtra (WCO-244)

From Crystal Eyes (Facebook)

- GEO Berryholic Blue
- Geo Bella Green

From Shara (Circle Lens Addiction)

- EOS G207 Hazel (top) and Gray (bottom)

From Pacific Mall (in Toronto)
Can't find these lenses to purchase online so got them there. Reason??? I really like the Colornova Grays I got some more two tone lenses. They were almost out...

Calaview 2-tone green and hazel

Also from Pacific mall...another lens I can't seem to purchase or find online.

- Rainbow complete Chestnut brown

Hoping to open one soon...I have a few to open first and to dispose before opening something..

Stay tuned...


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

<333 The Adore lenses. *drool*

You pick the best lenses~~~.

Madiha said...

wow all lenses look great! looking forward to your reviews for these :)

Sara said...

Thanks Nox! Lol..I buy what I like..and I like most!

Madiha - Thank you!

miemiemie said...

omg you have sooooo much lenses!!!!

Caterina said...

Oh my gosh :O Could you please try out the Adore Bitones next? I've been going back and forth on whether I should buy the yellow or grey because I'm unsure of the green effect.
Much love!

Anna. Z said...

Crystal eyes
Eye love sushi
Have cheaper then the sites that you have posted and have pretty nice service too.
I just thought id mention it to save you some money :)