Sunday, March 13, 2011

LENS REVIEW: Geo Nudy Green (CH-623)

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I'm back for another circle lens review. Geo Nudy Green. Code name: CH-623.

I can't remember where I purchased these, but you can find a list of sites that sell them in my sidebar. If you're looking to see if they have these in prescription, sorry they don't. Green lenses aren't popular enough to be made into prescript. lenses. So most of the time, you will find green lenses sold in plano (0.00).

Photo taken indoors w/ natural light. No flash.


COLOUR: ★★★1/2☆☆
I've heard some people not liking these as they're too subtle. But, I like them. I really like the green it is. It's not really vibrant (example: Dolly eye Green), but more a gemstone green. This green is very pretty in natural light. It doesn't have any real noticeable under tones of blue or red. It does have a subtle tinge of yellow, very subtle. But I'd prefer yellow than blue or red.

Three and a half because it does enlarge noticeably even though they are 14.0 mm. These lenses are printed pretty close to the edge of the lens. I also do get a nice halo effect around my iris. I like.

COMFORT: ★★★1/2☆☆
Comfort is good for me. I wear my Nudy browns alot and find they are one of the most comfortable for me. Sometimes more so than my EOS lenses. However, some have complained they find the Nudy series to be the least comfortable. So to each his own.

Another 3.5, because they aren't bright. I find two toned lenses much more natural looking than three tone lenses. It seems that three tone lenses give the eye a more bulbous effect, because of the center star burst which tends to be lighter. Of course you will have the exception of incredibly fake looking lenses like Geo Angel Green and natural looking three tone lenses like Queenie X9 Green.

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VIDEO: *** Model is me.

Hope you enjoyed this review!!


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Hm.... these look almost moss-green in some lighting. o: Very pretty~~. <3

And yeah, the subtle colour deal is a love it or hate it thing. Haha. I'm glad you seem to like it: the hue definitely suits you. c:

Sara said...

Thanks Nox. :) I really do like subtlety with a hint of I know some folk like the WOW factor, but i can't pull that off everyday :) It's super fun to wear for special events though.

Firefly said...

Hey, I would like to know if u have tried the Beaucon - shimmer green? I've been looking for reviews about those circle lenses, but it seems like they're not really popular.. well not enough for me to find any real reviews on it. I really like green, but I don't want my eyes to look fake either. Can you recommend me any good, natural, green looking contact/circle lenses?
Thank you! :D

ps: i found the lenses at but i think there are many other websites where you can find them

Sara said...

@Firefly - lol...just ordered them cause of you :) Might be awhile before a review cause I have to wait to get them and for a few others to expire... :) Thanks for reminding me they existed! haha

Firefly said...

No way!!!!!!!!! :O :O
I can't believe you actually ordered them just cuz of a stranger like me! xD
but thank you so very very much! :D
hehe I'll be waiting for the review. take your time ;)