Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LENS REVIEW: EOS E-203 (Old) Adult Violet << Sponsored >>

Hey guys,

Back for another circle lens review. This time for a violet lens, one colour of which I haven't purchased or made a review for - for quite sometime.

EOS E-203 Adult Violet
Photo taken indoors with Flash.

These lenses were sponsored by for reviewing purposes only. Please know I am not being paid to write this. All opinions expressed are my own.

I'd first like to post up on the business itself along with representation.

At first glance, their website design is very inviting. It's pink and girly, yet easy on the eyes. I find myself being a sucker for marketing and packaging and I must say they've done very well. Most sites I've been too don't have a very good flow in the visual aspect of selling their site. Their site is a good blend of patterns and solids. One doesn't over power the other in my opinion.

Their site is also very easy to navigate. What I find most helpful is being able to easily find the "shipping" information and what forms of payment they accept. Several other sites usually list "Shipping" at the very bottom of the page or at the side in small font.

I also like the idea of the many quick resources that come in handy to a first time buyer. For instance the "Circle lens care", "Anti-fake", "How to buy", and "Track and trace". I know that as a buyer, you shouldn't have to chase around to make sure you're getting what you paid for. This site provides the shortcuts for you to make it easier. I remember cutting myself the first time I ever bought circle lenses, so this is a "point plus" in my book. Not many sites will do this...or make it this easy.

Another thing I really enjoy about this site is their constant updates on their Facebook page (which is also linked with their site). They frequently upload photos of customers who have purchased from them. I really like that idea as for 1 - they aren't super airbrushed photos that are also pixelated, 2 - You get a better idea of what the lens actually looks like.

Now onto the review...

EOS E-203 Adult Violet (Older version) Review:

COLOUR: ★★1/2☆☆☆
The only reason?? The colour kind of washes me out. I would have to wear darker, heavier eye makeup with these lenses. The lens alone is kind of pink with a light bluish-purple limbal ring, and alone is a gorgeous colour. It just doesn't mix well with my own eye colour. They turn more of a medium-toned lilac. I think this would be great to play up at night as they do photograph quite brightly with flash photos.

These are 14.0 mm, but barely enlarge. These are more for just colour change so there is very minimal enlargement with these lenses.

COMFORT: ★★★★☆
Needless to say, EOS are on my top list of comfortable lenses.
The idea of me having violet eyes should really be enough reason. Other reasons are the large blunt pupil hole, striking pattern (Sparkly and beautiful), yet just not natural enough. There isn't any real blending effect with these lenses. I think these would blend better with light coloured eyes such as green, gray, and blue.
I really enjoyed their packaging..very, VERY, cute and secure. See for yourself :)

Lenses arrived at the Post Office in a
Bubble padded envelope.

Safely secured in another plastic sleeve. Very sweet :)

Inside the packaging included a "Thank you" Card.

More Bubble wrapping. Each lens was double
wrapped in bubble padding. I had to use scissors
to cut the packaging open.


Each lens fit perfectly in each box. I received two pairs.
The other pair will be review sometime in the
near future.

Proud to say I finally own these cute lens cases.
I believe the aqua one is a pig and the yellow case
is a bear?

*** Please do not steal or use my photos without permission.
*** With the exception of

The lenses in their EOS vials.



VIDEO: * Model is me.

You can purchase these lenses here.

Thank you!

Thanks ladies for reading!


♥ Noxin ♥ said...

: D I looovee violet lenses on you-- s'too bad you so rarely receive/review them. o:

And I s'pose I can kinda' see where the colour might 'wash you out', a bit. (Oddly enough, in spite of their being violet, I think they do look fairly natural on you...)

Awesome review, as usual~. (Reminds me to add more detail to my sponsored reviews, myself. Oops...)

Brianna said...

Don't you just love shoppingholics packaging?! :D
I love the adult series, old and new.

They look nice on you. :]

Sara said...

Thank you beauties :) know whats funny? is that many ppl do seam to like violet lenses on me :S. It's just me I guess, lol. I love green lenses and yellow lenses.

Brianna..they are truly a great service..I think I prefer my newer adults..I think they have more blending ability. Thanks for your comment :)

♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Mm, fair enough: green lenses do suit you amazingly well. :] (It's rather the opposite for me: I'm really wary of green lenses as the colour in any hue looks wonky with my skin tone. Haha)

And gold/yellow lensseesss~. I'm a huge fan of you getting more. : D (And I'll be damned if i.Fairy isn't just pumping out gold lenses for, like, half their series now. @_@

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

I have to agree I love violet lens on you the best! green would be my second fav!!!! *sigh* I want violet lens now. I'm always stuck with the boring colors cause of my high prescription -_- anyways your photos are awesome!

Mara said...

Sara, you always leave me the sweetest comments. I have not tried voilet colored contacts but you make me so anxious to try it out.

BTW I haven't been getting any of your recent updates bc i think you changed your blog name? I had to unfollow and refollow you. I was starting to wonder what happened to you.

Im glad that you are doing well. Phew. :)

Gregg said...

They look gorgeous! The shade really does work well with your skintone! I gotta say as much as I like the Adult series in general I really do prefer this older pattern.

Sara said...

Thanks guys! :)

@Gregg - I'm not the fondest of this's so ... sharp? I'm not the biggest fan of violet lenses lately..but I did recently purchase the EOS version of puffy violet. They are beautiful Lavender col. I have a special feeling I'm gonna like these :)