Thursday, December 30, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Queenie X9 Green Review

Long time no review! I do apologize...kind of caught up in things at the moment.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, got lots of goodies, and much spent family time!!!
I had an awesome boxing day. My boyfriend and I got a new 47" HDTV. He had alot saved in gift cards so the flat screen was quite a grab. I got two pairs of leggings, a pair of pants from Jacob for 7 bucks! I got a small rag-of-a-bag for about 3.39$ (new), and a KGB bag from winners for about 35$. I also got other things but that'll be in another (hopefully soon) post.

For now, a much postponed review. Queenie x9 Green's, I got from Kiwiberry1-collection.
She currently added a slew of new lenses to her already big selection. I'm already tempted, hheheh.

I purchased these a little while back in a haul of lenses. I was waiting for my other already opened lenses to expire before I opened a new pair.

I can say already that I really like these lenses...if you like green lenses, please keep reading.

Photo indoors with natural light - No Flash

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Funny Face Beauty - 1000 subscriber giveaway.

Hello lovelies,

Alicia from Funny Face Beauty is having an outstanding giveaway for her 1000 subscriber achievement. Congrats Alicia! This giveaway ends on Jan. don't forget to join!

Click on the photo to go check it out...

Good luck!!!

~ Sara

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Blog Name...?

I've been having second thoughts about my blog name...should I change it?
I know the name "eyeseeyouuu" sort of pertains to lenses..but, kiiinda doesn't spell out beauty blog which my blog kind of is also.

I was hoping to get some other opinions...

I've thought of some blog names and here's what I came up with...

- Confessions of Lens Hoarder
- Lens Hoarding Loft
- Rainbow Eyes..Because I pretty much have most lens colours...
(you name it - pink, red, violet, black, blue, green, hazel, yellow...etc, etc...)
- Sugar Coated Mumbles (I mumble alot or speak low / soft. Not like a Man low!)
- My Mumble Pad
- Short and Sweet
- Mumbled Moments

EDIT: Added a Poll with a few more optional names to decide from. I really am liking the "Pretty Peepers".
My eyes are one of my favourite features... :) If you decide to vote, you can choose more than one. :)

So far my faves are
#1, "My Mumble Pad", #2 "Mumbled Moments", and #3 "Lens Hoarding Loft" .
I would probably add a sub-title.

Let me know your thoughts!


Thursday, December 16, 2010

Last few weeks...Photo spam.

Kind of MIA...I know. I apologize and noticed I lost a follower :( ...

Anyways...reason being is that I've been caught up with work and other errands. For example, Christmas shopping. I dread it and left it pretty much for last minute. I did do some shopping for myself and have also been baking a bit. Twice I had baked, once for my work and for my sisters X-mas dinner which I didn't get to attend as I already had plans to go to a birthday dinner. So much to little time explains the last few weeks. But who cares right? Let the photos make it upto you.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My First Blog Award

I received this award from wonderful fellow beauty blogger Maki. Thanks so much :).

It really means alot that all you take the time to read and comment on my posts. Your support and encouragement make blogging all that much more enjoyable and I look forward to reading yours as well...especially those having to do with lenses!!! muhahaha. Really though, blogging has opened up another door for creativity and making new friends. So thank you!!!

In order to accept this award, You are to share this with 15 other great bloggers.

These lovelies are, in no particular order:

1. Vanessa from OhJhoy
2. Shara from mizcozmeticfreak
3. Alicia from FunnyFaceBeauty
4. Martha from He Calls me Mara
5. Catalina from cl2425
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11. Jennifer from Jennifer's Blog
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13. Ane from Jeongie
14. Ipehishere from LolliBunnie
15. Roz from Dutchess Roz

Thank you all for support and inspiration!!!


Sunday, December 5, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Hana Sp eye A37 Hazel

I purchased these from Kiwiberry when she held a Hana batch order. I received them within 2 weeks of the batch arrival, so she is prompt. Great customer service and reliable, as usual. :)
Hana Sp Eye A37 Hazel
Natural Daylight - No Flash