Thursday, July 29, 2010

Makeup Idea...

Whipped up something real quick in Adobe for a makeup idea.
Mind you I don't have eyelids to pull off this kind of look...
But I can work around the idea with my hooded double lids. hahaha!
I dunno...we'll see.

I wanted to blog about lenses...but found I should share my creative side
with you all.

This sketch is ooooold...from school, from an art project.
I zoomed in on the girls face and just went with it. No inspiration, no colour scheme...Just colors I liked.

Screen Print of a Makeup Idea
Eyes - Hot Pink with a coffee bean coloured mix
Cheeks - rosy
Lips - Nude with a hint of Tropical.
Can you tell I don't do makeup...I just like it.

Stay tuned...and see if I come up with something..


Tuesday, July 27, 2010


One user making several Youtube accounts is reuploading my videos. I have caught them on several occasions. I have reported them and had my videos removed 3 times. Now 5. How do I know it's the same user? They are always promoting the same website and the same business. They know who they are. If someone wants to use my videos for promoting or advertising, all they have to do is ASK. It's not hard...and I'm not a stingy bitch. I am more than willing to help someone with their business as long as the proper steps are taken and the proper credentials are given. End of story.

And just so you other lens wearers are aware...many videos by the same user have also been re-uploaded. You can type in your video name and I'm sure you'll come across your own video with another username.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

FOTD - My everyday look

More like the face of everyday.

Just thought I'd share my face of everyday look.
Quick and simple is usually what I do.
This is what I look like most of the time.
I don't usually wear circle lenses on weekdays, only on weekends.

Photo taken indoors with morning light - No flash
You can see that it's kind of dewy and not sunny outside.

Items Used - see below for more details. :)

Photos sourced from Google.

8 Items Used Daily (excluding my cleaning regimen):
1. Lise Watier foundation brush.
2. L'oreal true match foundation - I believe I'm a W04.
3. Mac concealer pot
4. Quo Kabuki Brush
5. Bonnebell eye definer in Espresso
6. Mac Blush in Melba (my fave blush for years!)
7. Eyelash curler
8. Benefit Brow kit.

I also brush my eye brows with a brow brush.
I only use mascara on the weekends too :)


Saturday, July 24, 2010

Bridesmaid Dress

Or Bridesmaid Dresses. There were two outfits the day my sister got marrieeeeed!

The morning bridesmaid dress was for the tea ceremony and afternoon was more casual, fun, and flirty. My sister's colour palette was a mixture of hot pink, light pink, and cream. She picked these colours based on the fact that most pinks are flattering to asian skin tones. So the bridesmaids dresses were hot pink.

The day dress or tea ceremony dress is a halter dress, knee length, with a mandarin collar.

The second one is strapless. Also knee length, with a wide waist band, pleats along the waist seam, and hidden pockets (which I loved).

Our bridesmaid dresses were all different styles to cater to our body types and accessorized with silver shoes and jewelery. We decided to accessorize with silver because we found it worked with lots of colours. We found gold accessories to be too flashy and black to be too young or sad. I dunno...we aimed for fun and flirty..and I would say we got pretty close. Lemme know your thoughts.

Day Dress on your left
Night dress on your right
I changed to flats because those heels murdered my feet...

Here's a closeup of my shoes and necklace...

The necklace is from Aldo. It actually came with two necklaces
that you can wrap around your neck twice : D. I only wore one. It costed
me about 19$ before taxes. The heels are Robert Vianni from Sterling and so are the flats.
Both came to about 90$ total. woot woot!
On a side note: The bouquet is also done by the bride and bridesmaids!

A photo of all the Bridesmaids. I am in the middle.
I've blurred out the other two because I don't think they'd like
me posting their pics. I just wanted to show the dresses :)

Random photo from the wedding: A shot of the 100 cupcakes
my sister (the bride) and I made the night before the wedding.

The light coloured one is cream soda cupcake...and the
dark one is chocolate. It was dense! The icing
is "hybrid" buttercream.

Just thought I'd share!!!
Till next time!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Lenses from Kiwiberry1.

Just wanted to post something. Something exciting!

Kiwiberry1 will have new lenses instock in 2 weeks.
I'm really eyeing the DI brown and blue, the X9 Brown, grey, and green, and the A-type 2 tone aqua. Those are such pretty colors. I'm debating if I should put in my order for a pair now or later..because I was also thinking of getting Stella 3 tone brown. I don't many choices! I still have way too many lenses and I've kind of gone overboard these last few months! But tis so exciting! It really is! I'm such a dork!

So far I've got more than a handful of lenses unopened and I can't keep doing lens reviews forever really adds up! I'm debating on sharing my artwork on here too...I soon might. I also am slightly interested in sharing makeup ideas even though I know nothing! But I love the idea of playing up one's features using pretty colours, esp. the eyes.

Anyways...enough of that. Here is a photo of the new lenses that'll be instock soon!
You can reserve a pair here.

Note: I am not affiliated with Kiwiberry1.
They just happen to provide awesome choices!

Take care!

Monday, July 19, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Bausch & Lomb Indigo

Hi Guys,

Another lens review : ) . Hurrah! If you like violet on :)

Bausch & Lomb Indigo
No flash indoors in daylight settings.

Bausch & Lomb Indigo review:
COMFORT: 3/5. These lenses are comfortable (right side up). Haven't had any discomfort issues with them that way. However, DO NOT WEAR THESE INSIDE OUT. They feel like a bunch of eyelashes all in the eye. OUCH!!!
COLOUR: 3.7/5. I really like the colour of these. They are the same colour off and on the eye. The opacity is great and the colour is just right for that dramatic change but not scary like the Dolly eye violets, which can be seen here. If anything, it adds that sparkle. In my opinion...(you're gonna laugh), they give off that Megan Fox seduction look. know...that stare! If you don't want indigo and still want that POP, I would suggest platinum. I personally haven't tried them...but they are a very light gray colour and from what I've seen, IMO they are a great choice.

ENLARGEMENT: 1/5 . These aren't meant to enlarge like circle lenses. However, they do enlarge my irises a tad. Photo comparison below. 

NATURALNESS: 2.5/5. Well...they are purple. So that docked off 1 pt. From afar they are definitely noticeable and just by the colour you can tell they are lenses - esp. for someone who is supposed to have dark brown eyes. On a Caucasian person I guess they can get away with it. From close can see the pattern. Also you have the blunt pupil hole and the limbal ring to give off the fact they are lenses.

OVERALL: 3/5. These lenses are really nice. I would love to try the jade or amazon colour next. 

PHOTOS! Pls do not use these photos without permission.

RIGHT SIDE UP - 5 point view + lens - Right side up (NO FLASH)

RIGHT SIDE UP - Comparison with my natural eye colour.
My Left eye with Bausch & Lomb Indigo - Indoors NO FLASH

RIGHT SIDE UP - Comparison with my natural eye colour.
My Left eye with Bausch & Lomb Indigo - Indoors FLASH

INSIDE OUT - 5 point view + lens (NO FLASH)

INSIDE OUT - Comparison with my natural eye colour.
My Left eye with Bausch & Lomb Indigo - Indoors NO FLASH

INSIDE OUT - Comparison with my natural eye colour.
My Left eye with Bausch & Lomb Indigo - Indoors FLASH

*** Did not want to take face shots with the lens inside out. Too painful.

Video: Model is me...


Sunday, July 11, 2010

LENS REVIEW: G&G Max Pure Pink

Spontaneous review time!!!
GnG Max Pure Pink
Daylight photo indoors - NO FLASH

I got these lenses from Kiwiberry1's collection. Let me say that this seller is very reputable and friendly. Customer satisfaction seems to be their number one priority and that is key when having a business. When I initially received my lenses I found out I had a defective lens and they weren't hesitant to send me a replacement provided I have proof. I am not saying this just because. This is all based on my personal experience with them and as a buyer and I can be a pretty curt if customer service is poor. But with them I am a very happy customer and plan to purchase again in the future.

I received my lenses in about a 10 business days. There packaging is very good and it fits into my small mailbox so I don't have to walk 40 mins to the post office :D :D. It comes in a small bubble padded envelope. The lenses are also reinforced with more bubble wrap and with their own branded sticker. Also with it, comes a small note with future incentives :), and of course a free lens case. I personally find the package size perfect.. :D

Entire package - inside the envelope is lined
with more bubble padding

Incentives on top of great prices! :)

GnG Max Pure Pink review:
COMFORT: 3/5. These lenses are comfortable. Haven't had any discomfort issues with them so far. They are more comfortable than my geo's.
COLOUR: 4/5. I really really like these lenses. Off the eye they are a pastel like pink that has a grayish undertone. On the eye it becomes a pinkish, brownish, gray colour (well on me anyways). At times it looks like a lavender colour too. I love the overall effect and colour it gives. It's kind of luminescent and dreamy.
ENLARGEMENT: 4/5. Just right for me. These are 14.5 mm and it isn't too big for me. It's just big enough. I already have fairly big eyes so these aren't alien like. If you have small eyes and are not looking for an alien like effect..I would suggest to stick with 14.0 mm or 14.2 mm.
NATURALNESS: 3.5/5. Well...they are pink. But they don't scream Pink! These are good enough to wear in daylight because they aren't too in your face, which I like.
PRICE: 4/5. I got them for 20$ with a 25% discount from Kiwiberry1. I think that is a great deal!
OVERALL: 4/5. These lenses are in my top five.

PHOTOS! Pls do not use these photos without permission.

5 point view and the lens itself (daylight - NO FLASH)

Daylight indoors - NO FLASH (lens in my left eye)

Daylight indoors further away from window - NO FLASH (lens in my left eye)

Daylight indoors - FLASH (lens in my left eye)

Video: Model is me.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Innovision Tri-color hazel

Innovision Tri-color Hazel


Review for Innovision Tri-color Hazel.

COMFORT: 2.5/5. Actually I shouldn't really be giving this a score as I haven't worn them long enough to determine the actual comfort of these lens. However, the times I have worn them briefly there wasn't any discomfort I could recall.
COLOUR: 1/5. Do not like these. They remind me of freshlook colorblends. Also, which I do not like. Off the eye they are a vanilla-ish colour with a orange center. On the eye, they turn greenish. Not hazel at all on me. I guess they are better suited to a lighter brown eye. Mine falls in the dark/medium red undertone... if that makes any sense at all!
ENLARGEMENT: 2/5. These are not meant to enlarge. However, they do. Slightly. There is a comparison shot below.
NATURALNESS: 1/5. They are like stickers! In my opinion, it's the orangish starburst that gives away the potential for the lens.
PRICE: 3/5. Because they are import they are more pricey. On average I've seen prices range around 100$. These lens are yearly so they are worth it for me!
OVERALL: 2.5/5. These lenses are bi-annual (6 months). They cost me 25$. So I didn't completely waste my money..? eghhh?

PHOTOS! Pls do not use these photos without permission.

5 Point view and the lens itself (daylight - NO FLASH)

My left eye with lnnovision Tri-color Hazel in - NO FLASH
My left eye with lnnovision Tri-color Hazel in - FLASH

Both eyes with Innovision Tri-color hazel - NO FLASH

COMPARISON SHOT: Right eye: Innovision Tri-color Hazel, Left eye: Solotica NC Mel
Big difference in blendability and Naturalness.

Full Face shot - FLASH

VIDEO: Model is me.


Thursday, July 1, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Vassen Black Brown & Video Contest

Hellooo! Quick review for Vassen Black Brown.

VASSEN BLACK BROWN Inside out - natural lighting (no flash)

Vassen Black Brown Review:

3/5. Nothing I'm too crazy about. The right side up is a really thick black limbal ring with a small brown starburst. On the eyes they just look black. The underside shows all brown with a thin sharp limbal ring. When I wear them inside out my boyfriends calls them stickers. He does not like. I don't mind them. For me it was an alternative to buying Hana spc browns.

Right side up is normal enlargement - 2.5/5. Inside out to me appears larger - 3/5. They aren't crazy big, but it's still noticeable.
They seem bigger than my reg. Geo's though.
Naturalness: Very rarely do I find black lens's just too dark. So right side up 2/5. Inside out isn't any better because of the thin limbal ring so, 2/5 as well.
2.5/5. These are ok. The first time I wore them inside out as I found it much better.

Price: 5/5
. I paid 13$ for these lenses, only because this was a clearance lens. I can't seem to find any other seller with this brand but have found similar lenses. This was a steal.
However, I don't plan on purchasing lenses with this style in the future. I don't think it's my style.

* Pls do not reupload, steal these images for your own personal gain without asking.

Comparison shot in natural Lighting - no flash

Comparison shot indoors with Flash

Right side up - indoors with artificial light (no flash)

Right side up - indoors with flash Videos... * model is me.

*** Right Side Up

*** Inside Out

On a side note...

I'm also entering a Video Ad contest held by Kiwiberry. The process so far is going a bit slow... I've never really used Windows movie maker to make an actual video so I'm slightly nervous about my entry. 'Fraid it won't have as much hooha and bling bling as some of the other entries (which I won't see till the contest ends). But so far I'm having fun making and editing it. I am still debating whether or not I want to put myself into it. I want the main focus to be on Kiwiberry's business and not so much promoting anyone else. :S So far I've put a few hours into 2 minutes. I know....slow. But finding the right music, the right photos, and the right things to say can take up time. Like said, I'm new to this movie making hub bub stuff. I'm also trying to match the transitions of the slides to the rythme of the beat. So far so good.