Monday, April 19, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Dolly Eye Violet


I'm really tired so this is short and sweet.
This lens is good for parties, cosplay, clubbing, or if you're into turning heads. The advertised photo of this lens is heavily photoshopped. The colour provides a purplish-pinkish colour which is kind of in the warmer tones. However, in real life this is more of a cool toned purple. This is great for night shots because the color is vibrant and it is the first thing to capture the viewers eye. ;) So if you want something that'll make your eyes pop, 'tis a good choice. Yah. See for yourself.

Advert sample (sourced off google)

Macro shot: Indoors with flash

Comparison shot in daylight (no flash) - by the window

Taken in a club with flash (arms distance) :

Video: Model is me.

Comfort: 4/5. At first they kind of sting but after I take them out and re-wet them with solution they are really comfy. I find most EOS lenses very comfortable.
4/5. Overall I was really happy with the colour. I bought this lens hoping it would be more like the advert. It falls more on the bluish side rather than on the pinkish side
. The colour is still pretty nonetheless. Naturalness: 1/5. These are definately NOT natural. The bold limbal ring and the blunt pupil hole just give it away.

3.5/5. These are pretty enlarging (as you can see in the comparison shot). The diameter of the lens states 14.0 mm on the bottle, but on the website these are 14.2mm.
Price: I got these as a gift from my sister for X-mas. She paid 30$ excl. s/h. They shouldn't be that much nowadays as more sellers are offering these. When I got these they were fairly new to the market and hard to find. I'm sure you can find them for about 25$ incl. shipping, you just have to look around.Overall I like these. I wouldn't buy them again to look for a vibrant lens because there's more options out there to try ;).

My sister ordered these from

They are named dolly eye violets on that site. However, the EOS code name for them is V-209LB Violet.

Hope this helps any of you who are looking for a vibrant purple lens.

Monday, April 12, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Acuvue Hazel Green

Short and sweet.
I do not like these lenses.
The Acuvue jade green is a better option if you want a more green lens.

This lens color is more like poop brown...yes... poop brown.

The reason I tried these is because I was getting a little bored of my jade greens, which I have been reordering over and over again. I was kind of excited that hey, a hazel cool is that? Big mistake! The instant these went on my eyes I knew it wasn't the right color, something is off. Aside from the blunt pupil hole, something else. Was it the poop brown? Yes, it was. Ironically enough I actually used all three pairs of the lenses only because it was my only option for a color change. Other than that...they sit in their case. just care about the photos right? ;) Ya me too.

My ratings:

4/5. Can't complain. I can wear these for long periods of time without rewetting.
0.5/5. Ew. Who likes the color of poo?
0/5. These are for color change only. Meh.
50$ for a box of 3 disposable pairs. Waste of 50$. Get yourself I nice pair of circle lenses instead. My photos: Some are old and some are new. The eye comparison shot is new and so is the video. Everything else is like 2 yrs wait...3. Don't's not cool. You're cool right? Yeah... not like you'd want to steal these..ahahah!

Photo of the lens itself in my hand.

Eye comparison shot, Acuvue hazel green on your right.

Day light, no flash

Flash Shots

Aaaaand the video: The eye model is me.