Monday, March 15, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Acuvue Jade Green

These Lenses are oooold...The photos are probably from 2007 - 08.

These are regular colored lenses so they don't enlarge my eyes.
The color of these is more on the dark side but I somewhat liked the subtle effect these gave. These are also pretty comfortable. The overall naturalness is pretty good because of the forest green like color. can judge for yourself.
I might get these again one day...not anytime soon as I already have a list of lenses to review and more on the way! hurrah!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Geo Honey Wing

Short and Sweet. I love these. Too bad they expire soon and the new OL series is a different shade.

Colour: 4/5. They really are a nice honey color and photographs beautifully. The halo effect is a bonus as well. In person the color is subtle and not too noticeable, it's a nice light brown color.

Enlargement: 3/5. It enlarges well..but not too much to look scary.

Comfort: 4/5. I can wear these most of the day without eye drops. They don't slide that much either.

Pictures: Pls do not use this without permission.



Sunday, March 7, 2010

LENS REVIEW: New Bio Promo II Green

Ugh...I had a really hard time editing my just didn't seam to work..or save!Promo II Green...these were about 40$ CAD. Not worth it.
These are a waste of 40$. Read below.

Comfort: 2/5. I could feel these move around alot. It always felt as though there was an eyelash in my eye.

Colour: 1/5. These are a dark forest green. All the Promo II colours I've seen are beautiful colours. Green just happens to be the bad colour of the bunch. The colour is natural because it isn't noticeable enough. It's just.....dark...even in photos with flash. Under high flash is it only then a nice colour.

Enlargement: 1/5. Little to nothing. See for yourself.

Overall I would not recommend these, especially at the price of 40$. Might as well save an extra 40$ and get something worthwhile.

Pls do not use these photos without granted permission. Modeled by me of course.

COMPARISON SHOT: One eye with and without. No Flash

Random Shots:

Promo II Green video: Modeled by me.


LENS REVIEW: Geo Angel Green

Holy Shamoly it's been along time.

Kind of MIA at the moment...kinda busy. is the 3rd lens I purchased. Geo Angel Green.

I'm sure you know the drill on how ratings go...if you don't.
Here's a recap.

5 being great. 1 being poor.

Comfort: 3/5. I can't complain. Mind you I only wore these 5-6 hours at a
time and not daily.
Colour: 2/5. I wouldn't buy these again. These are too hulk or lizard green like to be worn during the day. They
photograph nicely but I'll just give them that. These are not natural in my opinion for everyday wear.
But if you don't care for that...give it a go.
Enlargement: 2.5/5. They enlarge well enough to be noticeable. These don't enlarge enough to be considered the Alien-like effect.


Would I recommend these? It depends on what you're looking for. I paid roughly 25$ CAD for these but they should be cheaper nowadays especially if you do a batch order. In a batch order, they are roughly 12-15 $ a pair (excl. s/h).

Geo ANGEL GREEN video: Video settings under lamp light.
* Model is me.