Thursday, December 30, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Queenie X9 Green Review

Long time no review! I do apologize...kind of caught up in things at the moment.

I hope everyone had an awesome Christmas, got lots of goodies, and much spent family time!!!
I had an awesome boxing day. My boyfriend and I got a new 47" HDTV. He had alot saved in gift cards so the flat screen was quite a grab. I got two pairs of leggings, a pair of pants from Jacob for 7 bucks! I got a small rag-of-a-bag for about 3.39$ (new), and a KGB bag from winners for about 35$. I also got other things but that'll be in another (hopefully soon) post.

For now, a much postponed review. Queenie x9 Green's, I got from Kiwiberry1-collection.
She currently added a slew of new lenses to her already big selection. I'm already tempted, hheheh.

I purchased these a little while back in a haul of lenses. I was waiting for my other already opened lenses to expire before I opened a new pair.

I can say already that I really like these lenses...if you like green lenses, please keep reading.

Photo indoors with natural light - No Flash


Colour: ★3/4
The reason I gave these 3 3/4 out of 5 is because I have my solotica's. I don't think many can top the effect I get with those lenses. I still really enjoy these lenses though. In natural light, the green is more of a light-leafy green. With flash, the lenses are much more vibrant.

Enlargement: 1/2These are 14.5 mm lenses. They don't enlarge like my other 14.5's. I'd say these enlarge more like regular 14.00 mm lenses. They still enlarge though, just not alot. I kind of like it that way. The broken dashed limbal ring has inconsistent line lengths, so the shorter dash lines reduces the enlargement effect I believe. I hope that made sense! If it doesn't, just look at the photos. >.<

I opened these the same day as my Hana Sp eye Hazels and they were incredibly comfortable in comparison. I wore these a few nights after for about 4 hours without any problems and a few days following for longer. Overall, they are really comfy.
Naturalness: ★3/4
Same reason as earlier. These do blend real nicely though, and are fairly natural in pattern. These are a great alternative in my opinion to the Neo Glamour Greens (similar pattern, if not exact, but brighter colour). The blending and overall effect is similar.
*** Glamour green photo sourced from

Also, Pink-glass-heart has a review on the Neo Glamour Greens. Do check it out.

20$ / pair + yearly lenses + free case.
And the best part...the Photos:
*** Do NOT re-use, re-distribute, re-upload without permission. ***
***** Except for

Innovision Tri-color Hazel (14.0 mm)
EOS Super Nudy Green (14.5 mm)

Solotica Natural Colours Mel (14.2 mm)

VIDEO: *Model is me.

Hope this was helpful!

~ Sara.


Mara said...

1st off, Happy New Year, Sara.

You always have the most stunning eyes. Not alot of ppl can pull of colored contacts in all sorts of colors but you always can. I'm glad your back. :)

Blovet Beauty said...

I think u look amazing with these green contacts

Toni Tralala said...

This looks great! It doesn't really enlarge the pupils but I like it. I think it looks just fine.

Green looks best on you! :) Happy New Year!

MakeUpLover said...

Hy, your blog is gorgeous, I will be very pleased to have you among my followers. MakeUpLover