Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My First Blog Award

I received this award from wonderful fellow beauty blogger Maki. Thanks so much :).

It really means alot that all you take the time to read and comment on my posts. Your support and encouragement make blogging all that much more enjoyable and I look forward to reading yours as well...especially those having to do with lenses!!! muhahaha. Really though, blogging has opened up another door for creativity and making new friends. So thank you!!!

In order to accept this award, You are to share this with 15 other great bloggers.

These lovelies are, in no particular order:

1. Vanessa from OhJhoy
2. Shara from mizcozmeticfreak
3. Alicia from FunnyFaceBeauty
4. Martha from He Calls me Mara
5. Catalina from cl2425
6. Thanh from hsstardesire
7. Piggy from The makeup piggy
8. Chantal from occasionallycute
9. Janie from S2Janie
10. Agnes from PinkBox Makeup
11. Jennifer from Jennifer's Blog
12. Donna from Donna Dell
13. Ane from Jeongie
14. Ipehishere from LolliBunnie
15. Roz from Dutchess Roz

Thank you all for support and inspiration!!!



Jennifer :) ~ said...

aw you're sweet! thanks for tagging me :)

Donna ♥ Baby said...

aww thank you soo much for the award <3! your actually the person who got me into circle lenses!! hahaha. :)

chung said...

Lol. I gave you that award too, but I guess you didn't see my post. I was kind of lazy and didn't really comment much to people to let them know though, fail XD

Congrats on the award!

S Fiona said...

AWWW Thanks Sara :D:D
I'm Happy Happy :D

Its made other people click to see my blog hahahaha


Sara said...

Thank you ladies! Fiona you need to post more lens reviews please. Can you do a review on the g305 grays and the 307 hazels pls

Manni said...

Way to go Sara!! Keep it up! muah!!

Sara said...

Thanks Manni : ) :) :)

Dutchess Roz said...

Thank you for the award sweetie!!
Love xoxo Roz

S Fiona said...

Awww Ok Sara, I'll do a review on the G305 greys first as the G307 hazel other piece hasn't arrived yet hehe xD

I'm soo slow at making reviews :O

xAgnes said...

thanks so much sara!! <3 you are too sweet hehe :D

martienna said...

ou amazing blog !
very like it !! ; )
it's super !

follow me and write comment if U want ;**

Sara said...

You are most welcome ladies!!!

Barttart said...

Hey! I tried to comment on your cupcakes, but I couldnt find the 'comment' section... So Im writing it here! Those cupcakes look yuuummmy! hehe

CT said...

Sara, your cupcakes made me salivate and I wanted to let you know but I couldn't find a comment link! What's interesting is that my sister loves to bake too! I actually am working on the design of her blog:

Your blog is my contact lens bible. :P

Sara said...

Bartart - Thanks :) I tried this new widget comment thingy and then removed there's no link for that post :(. It's okay though..future posts will have the comment link again :D

Thanks connie! You're so sweet to help your sis out with her blog. I know it's such a hassle to work with html (for me) cause I don't know any of it. It's all trial and error. I'm so happy my lens reviews help you out..Tis why I love doing them. :D :D