Sunday, December 5, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Hana Sp eye A37 Hazel

I purchased these from Kiwiberry when she held a Hana batch order. I received them within 2 weeks of the batch arrival, so she is prompt. Great customer service and reliable, as usual. :)
Hana Sp Eye A37 Hazel
Natural Daylight - No Flash

Hana Sp Eye A37 Hazel review:

I was hoping it would turn out like the color of the Neo glamour browns and they sort of do :). So I'm pretty happy with the color. This would be a nice alternative to the glamours which are bit pricier.


I don't believe these are meant for enlarging. These barely do. These are more for just colour change.

I had a hard time with these lenses. I let them soak for the minimum 6 hours but my eyes couldn`t tolerate it for some reason. Odd as they are the same base curve as my other lenses. I double checked and there are no tears or anything so maybe it`s just the odd pair. Let`s hope my other lenses from Hana are better. I`m not generalizing Hana lenses are uncomfortable, it could be just this pair. I`ve heard other lens wearers say that these are more comfortable than most lenses. To each his own.


The color is natural. The sharp pupil hole isn`t. I think this is the main difference between these and the glamours and the reason I gave them a 3. I think these would be suited to a medium brown eye colour rather than my dark brown eyes.


20$ per pair. Lenses are yearly so that`s even better!

*** Do not re-use, re-upload, re-distribute without permission.

Lenses stored in vials.

Hana Sp EYE A37 Hazel in their lens case:
Also from Kiwiberry.

5 Point view + Lens - No Flash

5 Point view + Lens - Flash

No Flash

Full face with flash. The lenses
are much lighter in face flash pics.
Mind the weird stare o_O.

Video: Model is me.

Take care!!!
xxx Sara.


InsideOut Elle said...

oo these are super natural :) they look really nice but it sucks that they are uncomfy :(

maki said...

ii love the lenses, so natural^^
also, ii gave you a blog award(:

-Love, Maki

Mara said...

Awww, Sara. Those look so natural on you and they stand out even more with flash.

Sara said...

Thank you ladies!

Elle - They are really pretty in photos...maybe if I soak them in clear care it'll help.

Maki - Thanks so much love! My first blog award..:D

Mara - They indeed do...if I can get them more comfy I'll try to wear em out to get good night shots :)

Jennifer :) ~ said...

wow they look heaps natural on you! love them :)

Sara said...
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Gregg said...

These look very natural! I love the overall effect. Not to dramatic, but noticable enough to shine on their own without taking away from the rest of your features!

deniz said...

hi sara this is really natural i search this picture's hazel tone lenses; have you any idea about this tone?
by the way really thank you for this blog and sharing :) really thanks..