Saturday, September 4, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Solotica Hidrocor Ocre

Hi everyone,

Today I'm going to do a review for an old pair of lens. Solotica Hidrocor Ocre.


Contact Lens review for Solotica Hidrocor Ocre:


really like the colour of these lenses. They give off a very light brown-grayish result. In some lighting it gives off almost a vanilla like effect which doesn't bother me. This is one of the reasons I bought this lens, because of the colour.


These lenses are the opposite. They make my irises smaller due to the fact it has no limbal ring. This is also one of the main reasons I bought them and the main reason I got rid of them. Initially I thought they would look super natural because it doesn't have a harsh limbal ring, it's a one tone lens, and it has a smaller than normal, feathered pupil hole. And it does look super natural, on the right iris size though. The printed color area extends beyond my iris, bleeding (or leakage as some may call it) onto my sclera. Because of this, it creates a yellow limbal ring around my iris, causing them to appear cloudy or have a cataract like effect. This wasn't so noticeable indoors where it's more dim. However, in natural daylight it was a major turn off. My eyes looked "muddy".


This is like my NC mels. These lenses are thicker than normal and I don't wear them for long periods of time or even that often. So I can't really complain as I gauge the time if I want to wear these. However, comfort varies from person to person. This goes with any lens, not just Solotica.


I gave these a three out of five, because it lacks the limbal ring. Entirely my fault though, lol. But I'll know for next time. If anything, I should have opted for Hidrocor Ice, because the lens is white and the leakage won't be as noticeable or even at all. The blending though is great. I actually love the blending effect these gave.


It is a very costly lens. It can range anywhere between 75$ USD ~ 120$ USD. This depends on where you buy it. It is a yearly lens and in my personal opinion, I think it's worth it. ^^
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4 Point view of the lens
No flash / Daylight settings

My right in with lens / No flash

My right in with lens / Flash

My right in with lens / High Flash

My right in with lens / High Flash / Direct Sunlight

Photo indoors - Flash

Model is me.




Alexander Bonneck said...

They look good but I prefer the Bausch & Lomb softlens Indigo on you they looked soooo good! =)

Sara said...

Thanks hun! I agree with you 100% completely :)

e.motion in motion said...

Hi Sara! Thanks for the cbox comment and for following! :) Glad to hear from a fellow circle lens-wearer too. The media drama is so ridiculous, huh!

Gonna follow you back now! Enjoying going through all your helpful reviews! :D

oliver said...

thanks for sharing~
i think u look great with this
does everybody question whether u wear lenses or not?
did u got alot of compliments so far??

Sara said...

Thanks Oliver,

No one really compliments or even comments of my lenses lol. Well not in person, but that's ok. I actually prefer it that way. I love sharing reviews and get comments here anyways lol. :)

kellyisjb said...

I noticed that you also bought hidrocharme ocre. I was wondering how the are in opacity compared to the hidrocor ocre. I'm stuck between hidrocor ice and hidrocharme ice. Since my eyes are a bit darker than yours, what do you suggest?

Sara said...

Hey Kelly, I haven't gotten around to opening them yet. But I can tell you the cors are supposed to be the most opaque of the 3 solotica types. Charmes come in 2nd, and Natural colours last. But since solotica is known for opacity inconsistency you can go either way. I would personally go for charmes because of how the cors leak on me... :)

jorge said...

i want to know if these are the old ocres and if the new one look mere browner i also wanted to know if they came with the blue box and lens case like it shows on the image on i also want to know if its a reliable site

Sara said...

Jorge - I wouldn't know if these were the newer ones. I got them in a green box and as far as I'm concerned paranalentes is reliable. If you have any questions on the product itself..I suggest you contact a representative off the site itself. Thanks.

Ariadne said...

Hi I would know if paranalentes is credible or legal?

Nikki said...

So i just searched Solotica lens and your thing popped up

omg i want to get the blue version these make your eyes look so dreamy and cool

Sara said...

I think they'd look great on you. Only thing with the cor line is that if your irises are too small then the lens color leaks onto your mine did, making my eyes look cloudy :( They blended nicely though :)

won sung beom said...

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jenna said...

is this the new opacity ? if i was to buy it right now would they be exactly like that ?
what website did you purchase that from