Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My NA'VI (Avatar)

Hi everyone,

I was bored today and was looking at some self-made Avatars on Facebook and I got a little kick to do one myself. I love that movie and I am so excited for the second!
I've always wondered what I'd look like as a Na'vi and so I decided to create my own in Photoshop.
I am in no way a pro at this program, I'm actually a noob and self taught. I use the tools I know to create the result I want and I'm pretty happy with the outcome! So I thought I'd share. :)

Let me know your thoughts!

Me as a Na'vi! Pretty cool!
Created in Photoshop CS2.

My reference photo used.
Lenses are Bausch & Lomb softlens Indigo

Have you created your own Na'vi?
If so, please share!..I'd love to see!



Anonymous said...

First pic, Na'vi SOoooo adorable. Second pic, lovely and sweet.

Sara said...

Thanks Anony :) ^^

S Fiona said...

omg PHOTOSHOP NOOB?! and you managed to do that! @.@ wooow. :D LOOOK SOO DAMN CUTE!

Buy some huge ass yellow/greenish lenses bahaha

♥ Jhoy ♥ said...

you have great skill sara! you so need to do me one too! >_< lol... i remember the one you made me on soompi a long time ago, and your ps skills improved by like 10000000000 times =] love it!!!!

Sara said...

Thanks Shara..hehe...I should eh? I'd freak everyone out!

@Jhoy - sure...send me a pic.