Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mini Haul

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share my mini haul I purchased about a week ago.

Here are the items I got:

A 12 pc makeup brush set from a store that sells lots of NYX Products. The sales lady told me it's made out of goat hair and they are very soft brushes. I used one of the brushes on my lids and it feels nice. So I am pretty happy with this purchase. I got these from Pacific Mall.

Steal: $13.99

I figured since I like to play around with eyeshadows and such and am limited in brushes, I thought I'd get myself a small set. I was looking for something reasonable in terms of pricing and quality.

Photo of the brushes.

Close up shots. Playing around with my Camera.

2 Pairs of lenses for 35$. They last 6 months and are patterned like the Geo Nudy Series.
Except, I believe these are more pigmented and the gray is 3 toned. The blue appears to be more vibrant and almost baby blue like. Unlike the Geo Nudy blue, though I don't have, is darker in photos.

Calaview - 2 tone Blue

ColorNova - 3 tone Gray


A squishy donut keychain / phone charm. I use it on my keys though. It's super soft and looks edible. I have a thing for sweets and pastries and this is something I just WANTED, lol. It only costed $2.00.



Jennifer :) ~ said...

love the pink brush set :)
i've seen those edible-looking phone charms before! they make me hungry haha

Mara said...

Sara, I'm totally feeling your pink brush set and only for $13! Man, what a deal. Anyways since you enjoyed reading my 21 pictures post, I'd like to tagg you in doing one too. BTW you're such a conact lense hoarder, I need new ones. I want some really light but bright blue ones. Can't seem to find any light and bright enough. They always come out so dark on my eyes.

Sara said...

Thanks Jennifer :) They make me hungry too

Mara, Hoarder is lightly describing my obsession. I have a problem lol...a real problem. I am always on the look out for new lenses...even if they're ugly..I wanna try it. Some people collect shoes, some bags, I'm a lensaholic. If you're looking for light and bright blue, Maybe eos g-206 sky blue? They can be found on kiwiberry, only in plano though. Or there's the gng gbt blue, or venus ice blue by marietta..those are beauties. Hope it helped :)

Ahleessa said...

The donut phone charm is so cute!!! :) I have never seen the NYX brushes but I will check them out when I do. Thanks for telling us! :)

wuguimei said...

Nice haul. Your donut phonestrap looks dericious~ :B

Sara said...

hehe...want more.

Dhanna said...

when you do the review for Calaview sky blue? i want one of that contact lens but im not sure TT___TT