Monday, September 27, 2010

LENS REVIEW: EOS Max Pure Brown (G201)

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to do a quick review before I go to bed. It feels like I haven't posted in the longest time, but it's only been about 6 days.

This review is for one of my favourite lens at the moment. EOS Max Pure brown. I got these awhile ago from a different seller. I don't believe she sells anymore, but these are very popular lenses to be found through many shops.

Photo indoors with natural lighting - No Flash

Review for EOS (g-201) Max Pure Brown:

Colour: ★★★★☆
I love the colour of these lenses. Off the eye, the lens itself is a dark brownish gradient into an orangish center. But once on the eye, they melt into a warm reddish brown colour. They make my eyes a little lighter which is a bonus. These blend nicely like my Max Pure Pinks.
Enlargement: ★★★★☆
I remember the first time I tried these on. It was a huge difference from my regular 14.0 mm lenses. They were huge! These appear much bigger than my EOS Super Nudy Greens. Maybe because it's a darker colour, they appear bigger.

Comfort: ★★★★☆
Like all my eos lenses, I don't have any problems with these. They are very comfy.

Naturalness: ★★★★☆
I would have given it 5/5, but I do believe it's too big to be natural. The blending is natural and the effect also, it's just the size. Maybe the regular pure browns will be a future purchase. Heheh.

Overall, I love these lenses. They are natural enough to wear in the daytime and at night. These are super dolly and the colour is beautiful. I would buy these again.

Photo time!
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5 point view and the lens itself - No Flash

5 point view and the lens itself - Flash

COMPARISON SHOT: Natural Lighting - No Flash

Natural Lighting - Flash

Indoor Lighting - High Flash

COMPARISON SHOT: EOS M-201 vs EOS G-201 Max Pure Brown

Full face with Flash
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* Model is me *



Jennifer :) ~ said...

nice review :) those lenses are pretty and they look great on you

Kim Hye Rin ♥ 김혜린 said...

waww, is that a real eyelashes? O_____O I want it!!!

Donna ♥ Baby said...

very pretty! love the pop of color!

Sara said...

Thanks ladies :) Kim yes they're real :).

S Fiona said...

Omgg I love Big lenses on youuu! =]
Get more! xD

Sara said...

Thanks Shara! I totally plan on it..XD