Thursday, July 1, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Vassen Black Brown & Video Contest

Hellooo! Quick review for Vassen Black Brown.

VASSEN BLACK BROWN Inside out - natural lighting (no flash)

Vassen Black Brown Review:

3/5. Nothing I'm too crazy about. The right side up is a really thick black limbal ring with a small brown starburst. On the eyes they just look black. The underside shows all brown with a thin sharp limbal ring. When I wear them inside out my boyfriends calls them stickers. He does not like. I don't mind them. For me it was an alternative to buying Hana spc browns.

Right side up is normal enlargement - 2.5/5. Inside out to me appears larger - 3/5. They aren't crazy big, but it's still noticeable.
They seem bigger than my reg. Geo's though.
Naturalness: Very rarely do I find black lens's just too dark. So right side up 2/5. Inside out isn't any better because of the thin limbal ring so, 2/5 as well.
2.5/5. These are ok. The first time I wore them inside out as I found it much better.

Price: 5/5
. I paid 13$ for these lenses, only because this was a clearance lens. I can't seem to find any other seller with this brand but have found similar lenses. This was a steal.
However, I don't plan on purchasing lenses with this style in the future. I don't think it's my style.

* Pls do not reupload, steal these images for your own personal gain without asking.

Comparison shot in natural Lighting - no flash

Comparison shot indoors with Flash

Right side up - indoors with artificial light (no flash)

Right side up - indoors with flash Videos... * model is me.

*** Right Side Up

*** Inside Out

On a side note...

I'm also entering a Video Ad contest held by Kiwiberry. The process so far is going a bit slow... I've never really used Windows movie maker to make an actual video so I'm slightly nervous about my entry. 'Fraid it won't have as much hooha and bling bling as some of the other entries (which I won't see till the contest ends). But so far I'm having fun making and editing it. I am still debating whether or not I want to put myself into it. I want the main focus to be on Kiwiberry's business and not so much promoting anyone else. :S So far I've put a few hours into 2 minutes. I know....slow. But finding the right music, the right photos, and the right things to say can take up time. Like said, I'm new to this movie making hub bub stuff. I'm also trying to match the transitions of the slides to the rythme of the beat. So far so good.



Anonymous said...

hi, i was wondering where you bought the vassen lenses?
i've been looking everywhere for a pair!
thank you :)
and you look gorgeous!

Sara said...

Thanks anonymous :)

I got my vassen's from the market place (TMP). I haven't been able to find them elsewhere but I believe is going to be holding a batch order soon.

her site is

Batch orders will take long so if you don't want to wait I would check out other sites.

I believe pinky paradise and have very similar lenses.

Mine are closest to this
However, I don't know if it's two sided like my vassens.


Sara said...

Also, if you do plan on ordering from my lens name is Vassen black-brown.