Sunday, July 11, 2010

LENS REVIEW: G&G Max Pure Pink

Spontaneous review time!!!
GnG Max Pure Pink
Daylight photo indoors - NO FLASH

I got these lenses from Kiwiberry1's collection. Let me say that this seller is very reputable and friendly. Customer satisfaction seems to be their number one priority and that is key when having a business. When I initially received my lenses I found out I had a defective lens and they weren't hesitant to send me a replacement provided I have proof. I am not saying this just because. This is all based on my personal experience with them and as a buyer and I can be a pretty curt if customer service is poor. But with them I am a very happy customer and plan to purchase again in the future.

I received my lenses in about a 10 business days. There packaging is very good and it fits into my small mailbox so I don't have to walk 40 mins to the post office :D :D. It comes in a small bubble padded envelope. The lenses are also reinforced with more bubble wrap and with their own branded sticker. Also with it, comes a small note with future incentives :), and of course a free lens case. I personally find the package size perfect.. :D

Entire package - inside the envelope is lined
with more bubble padding

Incentives on top of great prices! :)

GnG Max Pure Pink review:
COMFORT: 3/5. These lenses are comfortable. Haven't had any discomfort issues with them so far. They are more comfortable than my geo's.
COLOUR: 4/5. I really really like these lenses. Off the eye they are a pastel like pink that has a grayish undertone. On the eye it becomes a pinkish, brownish, gray colour (well on me anyways). At times it looks like a lavender colour too. I love the overall effect and colour it gives. It's kind of luminescent and dreamy.
ENLARGEMENT: 4/5. Just right for me. These are 14.5 mm and it isn't too big for me. It's just big enough. I already have fairly big eyes so these aren't alien like. If you have small eyes and are not looking for an alien like effect..I would suggest to stick with 14.0 mm or 14.2 mm.
NATURALNESS: 3.5/5. Well...they are pink. But they don't scream Pink! These are good enough to wear in daylight because they aren't too in your face, which I like.
PRICE: 4/5. I got them for 20$ with a 25% discount from Kiwiberry1. I think that is a great deal!
OVERALL: 4/5. These lenses are in my top five.

PHOTOS! Pls do not use these photos without permission.

5 point view and the lens itself (daylight - NO FLASH)

Daylight indoors - NO FLASH (lens in my left eye)

Daylight indoors further away from window - NO FLASH (lens in my left eye)

Daylight indoors - FLASH (lens in my left eye)

Video: Model is me.



♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Ooh la la~. The Max Pure Pink look awesome on everyone! <33 The colour really works with your skin tone and hair colour, too.

Sara said...

Thanks Noxin! I agree this kind of lens are very pretty with most eyes! You've made me contemplate the king pinks. I'm a little scared of their boldness though.

Anonymous said...

Thx for reviewing these lenses! I was wondering if u knw any model/brand that has similar look except in smaller size (14.0 or 14.2 mm)? Thx u!