Thursday, July 29, 2010

Makeup Idea...

Whipped up something real quick in Adobe for a makeup idea.
Mind you I don't have eyelids to pull off this kind of look...
But I can work around the idea with my hooded double lids. hahaha!
I dunno...we'll see.

I wanted to blog about lenses...but found I should share my creative side
with you all.

This sketch is ooooold...from school, from an art project.
I zoomed in on the girls face and just went with it. No inspiration, no colour scheme...Just colors I liked.

Screen Print of a Makeup Idea
Eyes - Hot Pink with a coffee bean coloured mix
Cheeks - rosy
Lips - Nude with a hint of Tropical.
Can you tell I don't do makeup...I just like it.

Stay tuned...and see if I come up with something..


1 comment:

Lorina said...

I think it's coming along well :]
I especially like the color you chose for the lips. Not a lot of people like to stray out of pinks and reds.

And you and my sister both have hooded eyes! I've been meaning to use her for makeup tutorials since not everyone has double eyelids.