Saturday, July 10, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Innovision Tri-color hazel

Innovision Tri-color Hazel


Review for Innovision Tri-color Hazel.

COMFORT: 2.5/5. Actually I shouldn't really be giving this a score as I haven't worn them long enough to determine the actual comfort of these lens. However, the times I have worn them briefly there wasn't any discomfort I could recall.
COLOUR: 1/5. Do not like these. They remind me of freshlook colorblends. Also, which I do not like. Off the eye they are a vanilla-ish colour with a orange center. On the eye, they turn greenish. Not hazel at all on me. I guess they are better suited to a lighter brown eye. Mine falls in the dark/medium red undertone... if that makes any sense at all!
ENLARGEMENT: 2/5. These are not meant to enlarge. However, they do. Slightly. There is a comparison shot below.
NATURALNESS: 1/5. They are like stickers! In my opinion, it's the orangish starburst that gives away the potential for the lens.
PRICE: 3/5. Because they are import they are more pricey. On average I've seen prices range around 100$. These lens are yearly so they are worth it for me!
OVERALL: 2.5/5. These lenses are bi-annual (6 months). They cost me 25$. So I didn't completely waste my money..? eghhh?

PHOTOS! Pls do not use these photos without permission.

5 Point view and the lens itself (daylight - NO FLASH)

My left eye with lnnovision Tri-color Hazel in - NO FLASH
My left eye with lnnovision Tri-color Hazel in - FLASH

Both eyes with Innovision Tri-color hazel - NO FLASH

COMPARISON SHOT: Right eye: Innovision Tri-color Hazel, Left eye: Solotica NC Mel
Big difference in blendability and Naturalness.

Full Face shot - FLASH

VIDEO: Model is me.



Anonymous said...

Does the freshlook colourlends make ur vision blurry? Mine does somehow. Not sure if it's just my particular pair :S

Sara said...

@ Anony - I've never tried color was just the pattern that reminded me of the lens design. It could be a particular pair. If you try another pair and have the same prob. I'd probably try another brand.

Anonymous said...


Do you wear lens every day? What is the brand of your lens? I'm from France and we are sold only the brand freshlook.

Sara said...

Hi Anony,

I don't wear lens everyday..I don't need to. I wear lens mostly for special occasions or weekends :) But I have many brands..which particular lens are you referring to? For this post it's 'Innovision'. :)

Tinybeatz said...

What color is next to the Hazel in the second photo on the bottom?

Kale said...

How long can you wear the soloticas for? I bought some a long time ago and I couldn't wear them for more than a couple of hours.

Kale said...

If you read the captions, you'll see that they are "Solotica NC mel"