Thursday, June 3, 2010

LENS REVIEW: Solotica Natural Colours Mel



Let me first say that I Looooove these lenses! They are very natural looking (as noted by their name). I would pick these out of most lenses that I have, about 90% of the time. The difference is noticeable but isn't striking, yet still alluring. The only thing I would change is the colour of the limbal ring; from black to brown or gray. Other than that, the colour is close to perfect.


Score out of 5. 5 Being the Awesome!!!

COMFORT: 3/5. I can wear these for about 6 hours. I wouldn't surpass that as my eyes start to become dry. I only wear these on average of 2 times a week. This is to allow my eyes to breath. After the six hour mark, if I remove my lenses there is a slight red ring around the iris.
Dryness is the only issue I have with solotica lenses. Initially in the beginning they are comfortable, however they dry fairly quickly. If I know I'm going to be away for awhile I bring lubricating drops and my lens case if at any time I want to remove them.
COLOUR: 4.5/5. Subtle yet noticeable as stated earlier. I love the colour. Off the eye it is a blend of yellows and black dots. On the eye (my eye) it turns into a medium green. And not Hulk green like the geo angel greens. The only reason I docked off .5 is the limbal colour change I would make from black to brown or gray.
ENLARGEMENT: 2/5. These are not meant to enlarge. However, they do. Slightly. There is a comparison shot below.
NATURALNESS: 4.5/5. See for yourself. They are pretty close though!
PRICE: 3/5. Because they are import they are more pricey. On average I've seen prices range around 100$. These lens are yearly so they are worth it for me!
OVERALL: 3.5/5. I really like these lenses. I plan on purchasing the NC ocres as soon as I'm done with these.

PHOTOS! Pls do not use these photos without permission.

Lens compared to my Natural eye colour (with high flash)
Indoors with regular flash

Indoors - No flash.
Macro shots. Daylight. No Flash.

Videos: Model is me.
First video is recorded indoors using a lamp light.
Second video is recorded by the window in daylight.



♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Holy baklava-- you make me want a pair of Soloticas.

Did you go into the purchase with this lens in mind, or did you have a hard time choosing between all the series and colours?

Sara said...

I knew I wanted mel for sure. It was the first on my mind. I had a hard time between the charmes and the natural colours. I'm glad I chose these...I love em! I plan on getting nc ocre in the future.

Reen said...

hi there, may I know from where did u bought your soloticas from? Thanks in advance :)

Sara said...

Hi Reen,

It's free shipping on this site :)

Reen said...

oh thank you so much, I think this is the cheapest so far. Did u choose the free shipping? Wonder if it came with tracking number..? The fast shipping seems freakingly expensive!

Anonymous said...

Hello you !! Gorgeous eyes you have !!! :D I ordered the same that you, I want to ask you something :) are these one noticeable in real life, do you think freshlook colorblends green are better for the brighter? Thank you I loveee your blog, bye!! :-)

Sara said...

Hi Anonymous,

Thanks a bunch :) These are noticeable in real life yet very natural. A billion times more natural than freshlook in my honest opinion. Also, I believe solotica has upped its opacity so their lenses are much lighter that these and still natural. Good luck and hope you love your solotica's! Thanks for the support :)

Anonymous said...

These look great, very seriously considering buying the Hidroco mels.

How long did the shipping take from that website?

Sara said...

I guess it depends on where you live. I've heard some wearers who've bought from this site take about 3 weeks? I would ask the site..but it all varies if it gets held up in customs :)

Kelly said...

Those look very flattering on you! So natural looking, yet they make your eyes *pop*! I've never heard of Parana Lentes before, how trustworthy are they?

Anonymous said...

These are gorgeous :]! Did they give you a tracking number when you ordered though?

Anonymous said...

is parana lentes a trustworthy site?

jorge said...

i wanted to know if the contacts were packed safely and if the came with the purple solotica box for NC and the lens case like it shows in the pic

jorge said...

i want to know how long did it took for you to get them i ordered from the this site and im scared because they didn't send me no tracking number or when is the estimated date they'll arrive and im also scared. i want to know how they came packed as well, anymore info about this site would be really helpful thank you!

Sara said...

Hi Jorge,

Did you order from paranalentes?
On their site it says 5-18 days. Again, I'd contact a rep. or keep emailing them for confirmation or information on your order. If they don't respond and you don't get your lenses, file a dispute (if payed paypal) or contact your credit card service. To be quite honest with far as I'm concerned, you'll get your lenses. Sometimes the order can be prolonged due to customs.

Rusnabegum6 said...

does the ocre have a bit of green in it?

Sara said...

 Hi, no the ocre is more light brown gray.  Mel is definitely more green.  My eyes are dark brown with red tones and I get no green when wearing the ocres.  However, some others have had similar results with ocre and mel.  But, not often.  Hope this helps ^^

Rusnabegum6 said...

the ring is quite noticeable however the girl in this video it isnt as much also i was thinking would the limbal ring be as you said dark brown or something it still looks a tiny bit fake?

Rusnabegum6 said...

also do you think the ring is less noticeable on her because the lense fits her perfectly?

Sara said...

 I think the ring is more noticeable on her..because it's fairly sharp.  It is the first thing I look at. 

Luiza Correia said...

Mel in portuguese means Honey, however I agree this lens end up being green... "Ocre" in portuguese is a shade of yellow (dark, dirty yellow), but the lens give more of a light brown or even a honey shade. I own a solotica hidrocor ocre but I still don't know if the NC's or the Hidrocharme would be more... Anyone knows?

Tiffany said...

Do you get tunnel vision in dim light?! Is the pupil hole big enough?