Tuesday, May 18, 2010

LENS REVIEW + BLOG NAME CHANGE: Bescon Tutti Circle Gray

Quick update...
I changed my blog name to eyeseeyouuu.blogspot.com as I found it was more related to what I am posting. Lenses. I still plan on posting little nitty gritty reviews on other beauty related topics as well as sharing artwork, and baking (both side hobbies).

For all my previous post photos you will see my old blog name watermark "nittygrittyslt.blogspot.com". From now on you will see "Eyeseeyouuu.blogspot.com", except in this post will have both.

Reason being for the name change other than mentioned above, I simply got a bored of Nitty Gritty. As corny as it sounds, I didn't have a feel for the name. Eyeseeyouuu is more me.
Anyways, onto the review!


Full face photo.
Flash, arms distance, poorly lit room
Photo not retouched

Bescon Tutti Circle Gray
Scoring is out of 5. Five being the greatestColour: 3.5 - It's a medium gray colour. However it is lighter than Angel grey. The colour is still pretty nonetheless.
Enlargement: 3.0 - Enlargement is medium. My eyes are fairly big so I would probably size up if I want noticeable enlargement. The thick black limbal ring helps.

Comfort: 4.0 - These do not slide on me which is nice. I can wear these for a good period of time...6-8 hours. They are more comfortable than my geo lens.
Natural: 2.5 - From afar maybe. Upclose not so much. The blunt pupil hole and the black limbal ring give it away. Also these lenses are super glossy!
Price: 2.5 - I bought these for around 30$. Excl. s/h.
Overall Rating: 3.1 / 5 - Overall I'm happy with the purchase. I've always wanted these compared to the angel grays as I find these pop more in photos and in real life.

Now for Photossss: Pls do not use without permission!
Lenses are modeled by me (photos and video):

Lens in on your right to show the enlarging effect:
*** Photo taken without flash in daylight by the window ***

Flash Photo Indoors:
Don't mind the lashes, was wearing them for a contest!

COMPARISON SHOT: Natural Light - No Flash

Full face pic one:
Same comment as above for the lashes - photo is not retouched.

Lens on your right.
Video taken by the window in daylight settings. Light source is all natural :)



♥ Noxin ♥ said...

Aha-- I knew there was someone I forgot to find on blogger. :] Hello there.

And as I said when last I saw these pics on Soompi-- these look wonderful on you. :]

P.S. That jumper/cardigan you're wearing in the full-face shot is amazingg~

RissaRoo said...

Hey girlie! I saw your comment on the Barbie Queen Grey Circle lens review. You mentioned that you bought them and I wanted to know if you could post a review on them once you get the grey ones! The girl that originally posted the review has huge eyes... I kind of have small eyes so I don't know if these would look strange on me. Thank you! <33


Sara said...

Noxin ~ haha thanks! Glad I found you too...can't wait for more reviews from you :). If you're talking about my Gray sweater..I got it from a place in Toronto (pacific mall). I think you'd go gaga over there.

RissaRoo ~ Yeah for sure. Won't be for a while though. My eyes fall in the normal/big range. However, I might end up getting the browns. If I feel super bad I'll get both. Thanks for the watch!

Anonymous said...

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