Sunday, July 26, 2009

LENS REVIEW: Geo Nudy Golden Blue (CH-932)


This is the 2nd of 3 circle lenses I first purchased...

The colour on my eyes is a pretty blue-aqua colour in person. In photos colour varies between blue-grey, baby blue, and aqua. I guess it all depends on lighting ;). The colour of the lens itself is a three tone lens with a thin limbal ring. I believe these are the most opaque of the nudy series because of the 3 colours, correct me if I'm wrong. The design of the lens is "speckly" and described as lizard like. Still pretty nonetheless.

1 being poor enlargement, 5 being great. I would give these a 3.75 which is pretty good. They give a very doe-eyed, glossy look. They are much more enlarging incomparison to my GEO IM-108 black cons. You would get a nice halo with these if you have small irises ;) .. I get a fine halo around my eyes (photos posted below).

The comfort of these is pretty good. I can't complain as I can wear these for approx. 7-8 hours with a few rewetting drops. The base curve is a bit shallow for me as they slide, but that does not bother me that much.

I paid about 25$ for these a year ago. Now you can get them with an average price of 20$, give or take. These lenses last 1 year with proper care. I would recommend replacing them after about 6 months if you are a frequent wearer. I am not.

Overall I would recommend these.


GEO NUDY GOLDEN BLUE Video: light settings under lamp light.
*Model is me.


One of three first circle lenses I have purchased!
Along with these I purchased, Geo Angel Green and Nudy golden blue.
Reviews posted in the near future...

Just a brief history on how I found out about circle lenses.
1.) I originally was browsing the net for freshlook colorblends..I wanted a blue color.
2.) I ran across a pair of pretty lenses..they happened to be circle lenses.
3.) I inquired.
4.) I got hooked.

Now...moving forward.....

COMFORT: These are comfortable. I haven't had any issues with them. I can wear them for approx. 7-8 hours with a few lens re-wetting drops. The base curve is a bit shallow for me so they slide. However, I don't really mind.

These are very subtle for black circle lenses. They are extremely natural ... a little too natural for my liking, now. When I first got these I loved them..until I found out there are better ones out there. These blend well with ones natural eye color. I can imagine these making lighter eyes stand out much more. Over the year these have faded. I can tell just by looking at them. If you're looking for something natural such as these they are a good choice. Unfortunately these are no longer manufactured by Geo Medical. However, there are still similar natural black lenses available for you. Example: GEO AN-101

1 being poor, 5 being great. I'd give these a 2/5. They are very small for black circle lenses. Most black circle lenses I've seen give a fairly good enlargement effect. Even with the same diameter of 14.0 mm.

I paid about 25$ CAD for these. Now you can get them for approx. 16-20$ USD depending on the seller and s/h fees. These lenses last a year with proper care and hygiene. I would recommend replacing them after 6 months if you are a frequent wearer. I am not.

And now for the good part...the pictures. *Photo is a to enlarge.*

Pls do not use these pictures for any use of any sort without granted permission. Thanks!

*** Apologies for the low quality photos...these are old pictures.

GEO IM-108 Video: My right eye with NO LENS, My left eye with LENS.
*Model is me.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My first post...

Wow..i've never blogged before...but here I go...

Just a few quick facts about me...

My name is Sara.
I like chocolate.
I like eating.
I like sleeping.
I like playing with my sisters cats.
I like working out...sometimes.

I am a lensaholic..

Why did I sign up? I was bored.

What am I going to blog about? Lenses, art, baking, makeup, and other stuff...