Sunday, July 26, 2009

LENS REVIEW: Geo Nudy Golden Blue (CH-932)


This is the 2nd of 3 circle lenses I first purchased...

The colour on my eyes is a pretty blue-aqua colour in person. In photos colour varies between blue-grey, baby blue, and aqua. I guess it all depends on lighting ;). The colour of the lens itself is a three tone lens with a thin limbal ring. I believe these are the most opaque of the nudy series because of the 3 colours, correct me if I'm wrong. The design of the lens is "speckly" and described as lizard like. Still pretty nonetheless.

1 being poor enlargement, 5 being great. I would give these a 3.75 which is pretty good. They give a very doe-eyed, glossy look. They are much more enlarging incomparison to my GEO IM-108 black cons. You would get a nice halo with these if you have small irises ;) .. I get a fine halo around my eyes (photos posted below).

The comfort of these is pretty good. I can't complain as I can wear these for approx. 7-8 hours with a few rewetting drops. The base curve is a bit shallow for me as they slide, but that does not bother me that much.

I paid about 25$ for these a year ago. Now you can get them with an average price of 20$, give or take. These lenses last 1 year with proper care. I would recommend replacing them after about 6 months if you are a frequent wearer. I am not.

Overall I would recommend these.


GEO NUDY GOLDEN BLUE Video: light settings under lamp light.
*Model is me.


Gregg said...

I have always liked the effect I have seen with these. Just never bit the bullet becuse they're plano. They do look very nice on you!

Sara said...

Thanks gregg! You'd should still try them them with your glasses ;)